What are the fair launch concept tokens that have experienced hundreds of times increase after being listed on FERC?

FERC token was launched for free on June 1, which quickly drew attention from the community and reached a market value of up to $15 million when the price was at its highest. Assuming that the gas fee for minting is considered a cost and each sheet (1000 tokens) is priced at 5U, FERC increased by 300 times. Its emergence has led to the appearance of a series of fair launch tokens.

What is a fair launch?

Fair launch means that everyone has a fair chance to participate when tokens are issued. Bitcoin’s distribution mechanism is currently the most widely recognized for its fairness. All miners can participate in mining on their own, and early participants undertake computing power and electricity costs even though they know there is no expected return on investment.

The most widely used token distribution mechanisms on the market currently include: 1) ido/ieo/ico, and 2) tokens are distributed through the community without pre-sales. There are unfair phenomena in the token issuance process on the chain, such as malicious contracts, blocking attacks, and exchange manipulation, which will disrupt the fairness of token issuance. Token sales on centralized exchanges usually require holding the platform token of the centralized exchange and have become a gold mine for large holders. The distribution of tokens completed through community distribution for cold start depends on the contribution of community members, which is relatively fair, but generally still needs to be approved in a centralized manner.

Ordinal protocol provides a fairer way to sell tokens. Anyone can easily deploy and participate in token forging on a first-come, first-served basis. Since contracts cannot be deployed on the Bitcoin network, participants can participate fairly, and the transaction fees paid determine whether they can be packaged more quickly by miners.

The erc20.cash platform launched by @jackygu2020 attempts to transfer the concept of fair distribution of BRC20 to Ethereum, combining the advantages of fair distribution and decentralization of Bitcoin with the flexibility of Ethereum’s smart contracts and programmability. FERC is the token it launched.

The main characteristics of fair distribution tokens are:

1) Anyone can deploy and forge tokens, with strong community nature;

2) Tokens are not pre-mined, and the token total supply starts from zero and is mined until the token hard cap is reached;

3) The holding conditions can be increased;

4) The freezing period can be increased, and additional fees are required for minting during the freezing period, increasing the participation cost of robots.

5) It can be priced, but most tokens with high market recognition are usually forged for free.

Below are the main token data for fair sales platforms on different chains. This type of token is mainly emotional trading, and current trading activities are concentrated on ferc and berc.


Chain: Ethereum


Chain: Ethereum

Features: 49.25% of the tokens are used to create a liquidity pool and then transferred to the black hole address, 49.25% are sold fairly, 0.5% is sent to Vitalik’s address, 0.5% is sent to the deployed token developer’s address, and 0.5% is sent to the Berc team. On the basis of ferc, the property of automatically adding liquidity pools is added.


Chain: Arbitrum


Chain: Optimism


Chain: ZkSync

  • As of June 7, 2023.

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