Unraveling the Mystery of Sei Airdrop Who is eligible to receive it? How to claim it?

Author: Wuhai, LianGuaiNews

Sei’s airdrop can be described as a series of twists and turns, from Xiaotiantian to Niunvren, and then from Niunvren back to Xiaotiantian. Initially, because of its acceptable financing amount, Multicoin, which was once extremely popular, led the investment, and the official sei announced that there would be token airdrops on the incentive testnet, attracting many users and bots to participate. According to the data released by the sei official, the testnet has had tens of millions of data requests in a single day.

Then the sei official set the requirement for users to undergo real-name authentication on the discord channel, causing a sensation on the internet. Although platforms such as galxe and gitcoin have already required users to undergo real-name authentication, the news of a public chain requiring users to undergo real-name authentication was even more shocking, and the voice of ridicule in the community was endless. Subsequently, due to public pressure, sei denied the requirement for real-name authentication.

The community’s emotions eased, and they no longer had expectations for sei’s airdrop and its future development. However, sei became a project on Binance’s launchpool as expected and unexpectedly. It is precisely because of this that the community is full of expectations for sei’s airdrop.

However, after the launch of the launchpool was announced, the sei official did not disclose any information about the airdrop, and even after the secondary trading market for sei tokens was launched on Binance, no information was disclosed. This angered the community, and it wasn’t until a day later that the sei official finally released information about the airdrop. In this article, LianGuaiNews will interpret the airdrop rules, the user groups covered, and the farce involved.

Airdrop Rules: Burning Bridges but Gaining Fame

Testnet Participants Feel Secretly Hurt

After the airdrop rules were announced, because they involve two different user groups and the rules did not specify more specific limitations, and the airdrop claiming interface was not fully developed, it was just a backend interface display, which confused the community even more and directly angered the community. The questioning voices forced the sei official to delete multiple discord channels, leaving only a few important channels.

From the two sets of airdrop rules published by the official, the user groups eligible for the airdrop are divided into two parts: participants in the incentive testnet and active users of six major public chains.

According to the information released by sei, there are 7 million addresses participating in the incentive testnet, among which the largest witch group controlled by one person holds 30,000 addresses. In addition, a large number of addresses with the same social media accounts and addresses of bots that bypassed the official frontend rules and directly interacted with the backend were also excluded.

Among the eligible addresses, Sei’s top ambassadors and addresses that completed all testnet tasks received the most SEI rewards, while addresses that completed fewer tasks received only a small number of tokens to be used for paying for users’ regular interactions.

However, when qualified Sei incentive testnet participants checked the amount of the airdrop, they couldn’t help but feel like they were being played. Users who completed fewer tasks really only received gas fees for interactions, and users who completed all testnet tasks received only about 60 SEI tokens.

According to the official rules, completing the task of sending tweets can earn you more than 20 SEI tokens, while completing the cross-bridge task can earn you 200-400 SEI tokens. However, these two tasks are mutually exclusive and the official guidelines are not clear, leading many users to mistakenly believe that they do not have the privilege to do cross-bridge tasks and therefore choose to do the tweet sending task, resulting in a 90% reduction in airdropped token quantity.

This airdrop design instantly disappointed the participating users in the test network, especially when compared to the airdrop amounts enjoyed by non-participating users, which are tens or hundreds of times greater than their own, making the irony even stronger.

Massive Airdrop Ignites Discussions Across the Internet

In addition to airdrops for test network users, Sei focuses on active addresses on six chains, Solana, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Osmosis. In Sei’s own words, their airdrop will cover every corner of the Web3 universe.

Subsequently, the Sei Foundation tweeted that due to high demand, the number of eligible wallets for cross-chain airdrops has increased from 500,000 to 1.5 million, including users from Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Solana, Optimism, and Osmosis chains. The number of airdrop recipients has doubled, targeting active users on mainstream blockchains in 2023. According to community feedback and comparisons, the term “active users” most likely refers to addresses that frequently engage in cross-chain activities in 2023. The rules for claiming the airdrop require transferring cross-chain assets to the Sei network.

Initially, the community did not pay much attention to Sei’s various controversial operations, as they had already lost their trust. However, when someone suddenly announced that they had received 5,000 SEI tokens by opening a treasure chest after cross-chain transfer, this news started to spread and caught the community’s attention. Especially when users in WeChat communities started sharing screenshots of receiving 5,000 and over 10,000 SEI tokens, the whole community began to try it out. The frenzy caused exchanges like Binance and OK to run out of ATOM and OSMO tokens, with the OSMO token even seeing a short-term surge of 20%.

However, not everyone who qualifies for the cross-chain airdrop will receive 5,000 SEI tokens; it is only a probability. Users can increase their chances of receiving an epic treasure chest by increasing the amount of cross-chain assets. According to community data feedback, the approximate levels for receiving the airdrop through cross-bridge transfers are as follows: $500 cross-bridge transfers receive 20-200 SEI tokens, $10,000 cross-bridge transfers receive 500-5,000 SEI tokens, and $100,000 cross-bridge transfers receive 500-13,000 SEI tokens.

Since many users have multiple addresses that qualify for the airdrop but have limited funds or do not want to take on on-chain risks, a proxy service has emerged. One person provides the cross-bridge funds, while another person provides the qualifying addresses, and the received SEI tokens are divided according to agreed-upon proportions. Currently, due to too many people offering this service, the share of the person providing the funds has dropped from 20% to 10%. Users participating in this collaboration need to be aware of security and prevent asset losses, especially when asked to provide private keys, which should be refused directly.

Cross-bridge Claim Steps:

1. Check if the wallet meets the requirements: https://sei-check.vercel.app/

2. SEI airdrop page link corresponding to the wallet: https://app.sei.io/crosschain-airdrop

3. Borrow or purchase the required OSMO or ATOM tokens for cross-bridging on exchanges like Binance or OKEX. If purchasing, it is recommended to use hedging to reduce asset volatility risks;

4. Transfer the assets to the Keplr wallet;

5. If using ATOM tokens, cross-chain to the OSMO chain via the official channel: https://app.osmosis.zone/assets

6. Cross-chain to the SEI chain via the official Sei IBC: https://app.sei.io/bridge

7. Click “Claim” on the airdrop page, then tweet and claim the tokens;

8. Cross-chain the assets back via the official Sei IBC: https://app.sei.io/bridge


Looking at the end result, it has to be said that the design of Sei airdrop has received appreciation from a wider group, attracting attention from across the network, and achieving a balance between all parties.

From the perspective of participants in the Sei testnet, although the airdrop on the testnet is better than nothing, airdrops targeting active addresses on mainstream blockchains are also inclusive. The anger in their hearts gradually dissipates, and some even join the team to spread the word about Sei.

From the perspective of users who were previously unaware of Sei, it does seem like a windfall from the sky. With proper hedging and on-chain security, one can enjoy the benefits of the windfall at zero cost and zero risk, especially considering the numerous qualified addresses many users possess.

From the perspective of the Sei team, firstly, the widespread distribution of tokens has gained significant traffic and exposure. Users who claim the airdrop spread the word, especially influential bloggers, leading to excellent advertising effects. Secondly, the project team itself, through information advantage, has already obtained their own airdrop through a “rat’s nest” pattern. Sei’s airdrop design, in a conspiratorial sense, perfectly includes potential “rat’s nest” addresses that the team may benefit from, while others cannot verify or trace them. Thirdly, users transfer their real assets to the Sei network, and inevitably, a large amount of assets will remain, which not only increases the asset scale of the Sei network and enhances storytelling, but also lays the foundation for the initial user base and funding for future projects in the Sei ecosystem.

At this moment, Sei’s airdrop, with its twists and turns, is still ongoing and being discussed.

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