A Summary of the Potential of TG Bots Who Will Be the Next Unibot?

Author: Jaleel, Kaori; Translation: Sammi

If we go back in time three months, there was a robot on Telegram that provided various DeFi trading tools. By entering your wallet mnemonic phrase, it could execute certain commands for you, such as token exchange, copy trading, analysis, automatic airdrop trading, asset cross-chain operations, and more. At that time, the token price of this robot was only $2.46. Would you have bought it?

“I really like Unibot. I regret not discovering it earlier.” UNIBOT reached a high of $228, missing out on the hundred-fold increase in value. This is the regret of many people.

It can be said that Unibot single-handedly drove the entire track and narrative with its huge increase in value. Nowadays, there are more and more Telegram bots appearing in different tracks, focusing on different functions. What are the potential new Telegram bots in the market right now? This edition of Bot Selection by BlockBeats will introduce more diverse bots in social, shopping, gaming, and other fields.


Saintbot is a bot project that deploys anti-rug tokens with zero coding. Its anti-rug mechanisms are as follows: 1. The token’s 100% supply is launched fairly, and liquidity is locked for at least 30 days. 2. The developers give up control of the contract, and the code and functions in the contract will never be under their control, and cannot be modified or upgraded. 3. The maximum transaction size cannot exceed 3% of the token’s total supply. 4. The largest wallet cannot hold more than 6% of the token’s supply.

The token of Saintbot is SAINT, with a total supply of 1,000,000. Both buying and selling incur a 5% transaction tax. Holding at least 1500 SAINT tokens allows participation in Saintbot’s profit sharing, with 50% of the bot’s transaction fees being paid to the holders.

How to deploy tokens with Saintbot:

1. After starting the bot, an Ethereum wallet will be automatically generated. By default, this address will collect transaction fees from the token transactions deployed through Saintbot. This address will need sufficient funds to meet the required minimum LP + Gas to deploy the token.

2. Fulfill the prerequisites, including at least 0.4 ETH for deployment on the mainnet and at least 0.2 ETH for deployment on Arbitrum.

3. Enter the token information and check the anti-rug parameters.


ShopBot is an anonymous Telegram gift card bot that allows you to shop anytime, anywhere with cryptocurrencies. ShopBot uses real-time exchange rates to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency required for each purchase of a gift card.

The specific usage is as follows: after entering the bot, click “start” and choose a country to see the specific shopping options. There are interfaces for platforms such as KFC, Walmart, JD.com, and more to choose from. After selecting the amount of the gift card, the payment method and payment address will be displayed. After making the payment, confirm the transaction, and the bot will send the card number and password of the gift card. You can then use the purchased gift card on the corresponding platform.

Taxes are applied to each purchase, with 1% going into the profit-sharing wallet, 1% into the marketing wallet, and 2% as team financial funds.

The token for ShopBot is SHOP, with a total supply of 100,000,000. 95% is allocated for the liquidity pool, and 5% for marketing. The roadmap shows that ShopBot has completed the first phase, which includes deploying the contract, launching full functionality, and announcing the profit-sharing plan. The second phase involves implementing new credit card options worldwide and listing on Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap, becoming one of the highest-rated Telegram bots in the market. The third phase is to launch CEX, providing access to a wide range of gift card options from anywhere in the world and continuously updating the revenue sharing plan on a weekly basis.


SharyBot is a Telegram bot that enables social network stock trading and tracking, introducing SocialFi to Telegram as friend tech, aiming to bridge the gap between the community and decentralized financial power. SharyBot provides a simple way to create, manage, and trade stocks on Telegram through its protocol.

SharyBot allows users to: create and manage shares on Telegram using usernames; buy and sell any shares created on SharyBot; join and create communities related to Telegram usernames. If users own shares, they can create as many communities as possible, which will be unified under their own Telegram username.

Shares Bot has established a partnership with SharesGram, giving Shares Bot exclusive access to SharesGram’s protocol for stock tracking and trading. This means that every new stock created will be tracked on Shares Bot and can be traded on both SharyBot and Shares Bot simultaneously. SharesGram also provides exclusive access to analysis content for Shares Bot.


Soaps.Tech is a bot that provides self-hosted, decentralized applications, and identity solutions for KOLs. Unlike Friend.Tech, which integrates with Twitter profiles, Soaps.Tech offers users the opportunity to directly buy, sell, and trade shares on Telegram. Based on Telegram Channels, they can create their own shares.

The specific usage method is to log in to one’s account on the Telegram Soaps website, browse the leaderboard to view top KOLs, or search for a specific KOL’s Telegram username, and click “Buy” to receive a one-time invitation link to the KOL’s Telegram group.

The token for Soaps.Tech is SOAPS, with a total supply of 1 billion. 90% is locked in the liquidity pool, 5% is allocated for product development, and the remaining 5% is used for team and marketing expenses.

Game Bot Compilation

Instant Games is a game directory manager on Telegram that includes over 20 types of games, covering various fields such as casual games and shooting games.

Fanton Fantasy Football is a football competition game. After opening the bot interface, click “Start” to select your team. When choosing players, you cannot select more than two players from the same club. Joining different communities will provide different tournament regions and levels of competition.

Hell Sweep Game is a mobile game where a small character eliminates monsters. The pixelated art style adds a lot of retro flavor to this game.

Left: Instant Games; Middle: Fanton Fantasy Football; Right: Hell Sweep Game

The popularity of Bots has led many people to compare it with WeChat mini-programs. Although they belong to two different worlds, for the general adoption of the crypto world, Telegram Bots undoubtedly have taken the lead.

After the rise of Telegram Bots, some people in the community have pointed out that Bots may be the biggest driving force in making the concept of “intent-centric” a mainstream idea. The concept of intent-centric focuses on the result rather than the process. It emphasizes the goal that the user wants to achieve. This concept aims to hide the complex operation process and allows users to achieve their goals without barriers.

Bots eliminate complex operations, and users only need to express their intent directly to achieve their goals. This clears the obstacles for the universal adoption of the crypto world. The existence of Bots is not just a robot or meme; perhaps in the future, Bots will lead and promote the transformation of crypto towards intention-driven and frictionless interaction.

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