Quick overview of Placeholder’s investment landscape in Q1 2023

Placeholder is a highly thesis-driven cryptographic venture capital firm that has had high hopes for the Solana ecosystem. Cryptocurrency researcher Surf has summarized the investment situation of Blockingradigm in the first quarter of 2023.

Top 5 investments for Q1 of 2023:

1) Monad: Improves developer productivity through asynchronous and parallel execution of EVM transfers, claims to process 10,000 TPS with 1-second block time and instant finality while maintaining full EVM compatibility. Seed round raised $19 million USD with other investors including Lemniscap, Shima Capital, Finality Capital, etc.;

2) Obol Labs: Building DVT technology that allows PoS validators to run on more than 1 node, opening up the possibility of multi-party ownership of ETH validator rights. Series A raised $12.5 million USD with other investors including SBlockingrtan, Coinbase Ventures, and Ethereal Ventures, etc.;

3) Gyroscope: Determines the price and liquidity of stablecoins through Dynamic Stability Mechanism (DSM), while controlling risks programmatically. Seed round raised $4.5 million USD with other investors including Galaxy, Maven11, and Archetype, etc.;

4) Vault: Creates a decentralized standard for purchasing, playing, and sharing digital music collections through third-party applications. Seed round raised $4 million USD with other investors including AlleyCorp, Bullpen Capital, and Everblue Management, etc.;

5) Tensor: Provides trading and technical information for Solana NFTs. Seed round raised $3 million USD with other investors including Solana Ventures, Alliance DAO, and Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, etc.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xsurferboy/status/1665780567491870726

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