LD Track Observation: Market generally falls, stablecoin market cap down by $950 million, ETH collateralization ratio increases by 1.63% MoM ……

On June 12th, 2023, LD Capital released a Track Observation report covering Stablecoins, LSD, Ethereum L2, DEX, and Derivative DEX sectors, analyzing the data changes in each sector.

1) Stablecoins: The overall market value of the stablecoin sector decreased by USD 950 million compared to last week, with BUSD being affected by Binance and falling by around 7%. 2) LSD: Currently, the ETH collateralization rate is 18.98%, an increase of 1.63% compared to the previous period. Last week, the ETH collateralization volume reached 19.5124 million coins, an increase of 1.30% compared to the previous period. The beacon chain queue reached 95.7 thousand coins, an increase of 1.88% compared to the previous period. At present, 22.8261 million Ethereum have been locked in the beacon chain. In response to SEC regulation, RPL in the three major LSD protocols has suffered a relatively small decline due to its high degree of decentralization and resistance to regulation. In the LSDFi protocol, Pendle had a weekly increase of 14.3%, which was one of the few targets that outperformed BTC and ETH last week.

3) Ethereum L2: The total TVL of Ethereum Layer2 decreased by USD 730 million compared to last week due to market influences, with a total locked amount of USD 8.33 billion. Arbitrum and optimism TVL both experienced significant withdrawals, falling by 8.2% and 11.57% respectively. Zksync era TVL still maintained growth, rising by 7.75% compared to last week, and the overall market share of layer2 exceeded 5%. Optimism completed the Bedrock upgrade on June 7th, and on-chain transaction fees have decreased, with an average transaction fee of USD 0.17, saving 55.5% of the data fee paid to L1 per transaction.

4) DEX: The market fell across the board in the past week, with significant TVL outflows and a significant increase in trading volume. The combined TVL of Dex was USD 15.6 billion, a decrease of USD 1.58 billion compared to last week, a decrease of 10%. The 24-hour trading volume of Dex was USD 3.95 billion, and the 7-day trading volume was USD 17.25 billion, an increase of USD 5 billion compared to last week. 5) Derivatives DEX: The overall trading volume increased compared to the previous week. The weekly trading volume of the six major derivative DEX protocols was about USD 10 billion, an increase of about 67%. Despite the increase in trading volume, TVL still maintained a trend of continuous outflow. GMX had the largest decline in TVL, with a decline of 17.31% in 30 days, from USD 695 million to the current USD 554 million, with a outflow of USD 141 million.

Reference: https://ld-capital.medium.com/ld%E8%B5%9B%E9%81%93%E5%91%A8%E8%A7%82%E5%AF%9F-2023-06-12-3b6d26da7c2

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