Is it too early for Arbitum Orbit to allow the development of exclusive L3?

Offchain Labs has released Arbitrum Orbit, which allows developers to customize and develop their own L3 chains based on the Arbitrum Nitro Stack, bringing everyone into the L3 era. Is this move by Arbitrum premature? What are the differences with the Optimism Stack? What impact will it have on the ecosystem? Cryptocurrency researcher Haotian discusses this update in a tweet.

Arbitrum Orbit is a scalability solution based on Arbitrum Rollup settlement layer. Developers can build their own application chains based on existing Arbitrum L2 chains (One, Nova, test Goerli) with high autonomy in consensus mechanism, governance model, gas fee coin selection, economic model, and more. They can create specific application chains or open ecosystem chains, highly customizable, giving developers more flexibility and autonomy.

After researching, I always feel that the bottom-layer infrastructural revolution is too fast, and the upper-layer application ecosystem cannot keep up. OP Stack adopts a modular architecture, highly open source, allowing third-party L1 chains to copy their fast channels into L2, and they all ultimately fall within the optimism Superchain ecosystem. On the other hand, Arbitrum Stack allows developers to extend customized exclusive application chains based on their L1 and L2 security foundations. Essentially, they are all trying to leverage their ecological advantages.

The competition between chains ultimately boils down to the competition for developer resources. The most efficient way to achieve this goal is through open solutions and standardized tools. OP Stack promotes L1 to upgrade to L2 in a more gradual and reasonable manner, while I personally feel that Arbitrum Orbit is too advanced: 1) it allows developers to design gas fee token mechanisms on their own, giving some “quick and easy” projects the legitimacy to issue tokens; 2) it destroys the natural advantages of the combination of large ecological applications.

Overall, Arbitrum Orbit is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives some top applications in the gaming and social fields the possibility of soaring to the sky. On the other hand, due to the technological innovation being ahead of application development, it is inevitable that some short-term troublemakers will be attracted. In comparison, I prefer the iterative development of Uniswap driven step by step by the market and applications. When technology is divorced from actual market demand, it will also breed a kind of original sin.


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