Explaining zkSync NFT Airdrop Does obtaining this NFT equate to eligibility for zkSync airdrop tokens?

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On July 15th, zkSync officially announced an NFT airdrop for NFT players in its ecosystem. The first batch of 10,000 addresses has received the NFT airdrop. As a highly anticipated leading layer 2 solution, zkSync’s move has sparked community discussion. Everyone is speculating whether receiving this NFT is equivalent to receiving the token airdrop qualification from zkSync.

To answer this question, Trusta Labs analyzed the on-chain interactions of the 10,000 users who have received the NFTs in the zksync Era:

Interaction Analysis

Number of Transactions

The average number of transactions per user in zkSync Era is 21. Among the NFT airdrop users, 70% have a cumulative transaction count of at least 20, which is higher than the average. 15% of the airdrop accounts have a cumulative transaction count of less than or equal to 10, and among them, 690 users have even less than or equal to 4 transactions.

Total Transaction Amount

More than half of the users in zkSync Era have a cumulative transaction amount of 44 U. Among the NFT airdrop users, 15.4% of the addresses have a transaction amount of less than or equal to 50 U, and among them, 530 addresses have a transaction amount of less than or equal to 10 U (significantly lower than the average).

Gas Fee Contribution

The median value of gas fee contribution in zkSync Era is 0.002 ETH. Among the NFT airdrop users, 12.3% have a gas fee consumption lower than the median value.

Active Time

The average number of active weeks per address in zkSync Era is 3.6 weeks. Among the airdrop users, 25% have an active time of no more than 3 weeks, and among them, 700 addresses have been active for only one week.

Special Cases

  • “Winning” addresses with “0” transactions

We found three addresses that have no interaction records in zkSync Era but still received the airdrop. These three addresses obviously do not meet the requirements of the top 100 NFT interactions. It is speculated that they may be official testing addresses, and it is recommended for @zksync to clarify to avoid misunderstandings.

Address One: 0x200ae0ab4e65bf0a80748cf4ebce814667513ba5 (https://explorer.zksync.io/address/0x200ae0ab4e65bf0a80748cf4ebce814667513ba5)

Address Two: 0xa0fdb2f6cf2bf189db73b294a60088fef751bfcd (https://explorer.zksync.io/address/0xa0fdb2f6cf2bf189db73b294a60088fef751bfcd)

Address Three: 0xe8bd3908c645dab3ced6b0ca75304ca3a31276c0 (https://explorer.zksync.io/address/0xe8bd3908c645dab3ced6b0ca75304ca3a31276c0)

  • Inactive addresses with only 1-2 transactions

In this airdrop, there are 118 addresses that have only had 1 transaction in their history, and luckily all of them were NFT transactions. 135 addresses have a total of only 2 transactions in their history.

Typical address: It had only 1 transaction 3 months ago, but still managed to receive the NFT airdrop because the address is the attractive number 0x 0.


  • Funds aggregation behavior in airdrop recipients

Among the 10,000 addresses that received the NFT airdrop, there is also funds aggregation behavior between different addresses, possibly controlled by the same entity with multiple accounts:

Cluster one: 0x01bffc8dc41e26d98c3cef8b045726726134d1d3 has transferred funds to 7 addresses, and all 8 addresses received this NFT airdrop.

0x01bffc8dc41e26d98c3cef8b045726726134d1d3, 0x0221bde0421fb6728565362c7a07139b8b8a547f, 0x012d3e07a0985fead3929636087b2f3879f77b9e,0x0b4b156a1fd4b3c0ea779fcb0359cedf36345ab6, 0x09f43533e974c590ef827a038635066a21bfadd9, 0x09b713ea5899cf2f224d5fefc7701bf00b73cf9f, 0x0b65d471f86830d33afa0b66028605a483bfdced, 0x0b40e7f11a7a6a4c0dc3ee739f0b06d9f05f9587

Cluster two: Five addresses all received this NFT airdrop, and there are fund transfers between them.

Witch analysis

Regarding the 10,000 addresses that received the airdrop, witch behavior was detected through two different monitoring methods:

TrustScan witch detection

Using TrustScan to scan the behavior of the airdrop addresses on the mainnet and Arbitrum, 1,408 witch addresses were identified (witch rate > 14%).

  • Witch address one: 0x014ddd8696562c105b6013b078a45a9fed0bcd75

This address is part of a large chain-like network consisting of 74 addresses, with the mainnet funds preparing to be transferred within 3.5 hours on January 4, 2022, and the Arbitrum network funds being transferred within 7.8 hours on April 6, 2023.

  • Witch Address 2: 0x0d8969db749fa22c8107ff3871e30b2da246984c

This address has appeared multiple times in a cluster of witch addresses and has appeared multiple times in a star-shaped fund network on the Ethereum mainnet (receiving funds from the same batch of addresses and then pooling funds to another batch of addresses). On Arbitrum, it appeared three times in a group address for batch operations.

668 addresses in the zkSync Era had all transactions occur within 48 hours

  • Witch Address 1: 0x05a450c625f31eaf736b69c7f05a9fb89db87fb0


This address had 104 transactions within 48 hours, repeatedly making deposits and withdrawals of the same amount, with a uniform interval of 9 seconds between operations. It is highly suspected to be a witch address operated by a script.

  • Witch Address 2: 0x06d7101af6e75716b6d2ccbbbd6b95902ea555c7


This address had 97 transactions within 48 hours, repeatedly making deposits and withdrawals of the same amount. It is highly suspected to be operated by a script as well.

  • Low-value User: 0x0b93c68d71c807303caecacbcfec018270c6bf3


This address had 34 transactions in the zkSync Era, all of which were worthless transactions with an amount equal to 0 within 48 hours.


  1. We found that the selection criteria for this round of zkSync airdrop addresses were single, without considering the interactive value and activity level. Many official airdrop addresses had average contributions to the zkSync Era (transaction count, amount, gas fee, and active time contributions lower than average, or obvious witch behavior). Airdrops only serve to encourage users to participate in the ecosystem’s NFT projects, so receiving an NFT airdrop does not necessarily equate to receiving a token airdrop in the future. On the other hand, it is speculated that besides commonly used indicators such as transaction count and amount, zkSync may also consider the diversity of contributions to the ecosystem in its rules for user rewards and airdrops.

  2. Trusta will soon launch KYA (Know Your Account), a product that evaluates user interactions and value on the zkSync platform based on frequency, amount, loyalty, diversity, and identity rights. It ranks all participating users and guides them to safely interact with popular and high-potential projects on the zkSync Era. It also integrates the unique TrustScan witch risk analysis function to help users with risk alerts. All users are welcome to try it out.

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