Evening Must-Read | How is the development of the OP ecosystem now? Is it worth investing in?

1. A Complete Review of the DeFi Blue Chip Curve Attack: Timeline and Losses of All Parties

Ethereum is a “dark forest,” and this statement seems to be true. This statement has also been proven true for the DeFi blue chip. On July 30, 2023, Curve announced that many stablecoin pools (alETH/msETH/pETH) using Vyper version 0.2.15 were attacked due to a malfunction in the Vyper compiler. Click to read more.

2. Bankless: The Full Story of Curve’s Attack and Its Impact on DeFi Has Just Begun

The Vyper compiler discovered a zero-day vulnerability, and DeFi is facing a series of security risks. The depletion of liquidity pools and the threat of liquidation are imminent! Click to read more.

3. Goodbye to the Downturn: A Quick Look at 10 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Recent Developments in the Cosmos Ecosystem

With the rise of perpetual contracts, the launch of new chains, and the upgrade of token economics, Cosmos, which has been quietly cultivating in the bear market, can it become a breakout area for hundredfold returns in the next bull market? The best investment is in things that no one talks about. The Cosmos ecosystem has been in a downturn for too long and is currently the easiest area in the crypto industry to achieve hundredfold returns. Recent developments indicate that a strong and sustainable narrative should benefit from the upcoming bull market. Here are 10 reasons to pay attention to the recent developments in the Cosmos ecosystem. Click to read more.

4. A List of the Top 10 Active Crypto Venture Capitalists in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most dynamic regions in the Web3 industry. This year, governments in regions such as Hong Kong and Japan have introduced proactive policies to support the development of the local Web3 industry, competing for the position of the Web3 hub. Mainland China, South Korea, Vietnam, and other countries are also the birthplaces of many well-known Web3 projects. Click to read more.

5. How is the OP Ecosystem Now? Is it worth investing in?

With the widespread adoption of the OP Stack, OP has gained more market attention recently. Next, I will analyze the current situation of OP from two perspectives. Click to read more.

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