Former CTO of Coinbase: Apple, Microsoft, or Google could theoretically help the government seize cryptocurrencies from citizens

According to The Daily Hodl, Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, has warned that some of the world’s most famous tech companies may one day betray the American people. In an interview with the “ImBlockingct Theory” podcast, he said, “If G7 countries decide to allow the seizure of digital assets, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google can lend a hand. Countries may decide to seize digital assets in the future in an attempt to recover from economic turbulence. Tech giants can easily scan our devices, find private keys, and hand them over to authorities if they are ordered to do so.”

Srinivasan further stated, “The biggest risk factor is actually Apple, Google, and Microsoft because they have operating system access. This is actually my biggest concern: Apple has software updates, Google can access your Google Drive, Microsoft has Windows, and if you rank them by status, theoretically, they can scan your hard drive for private keys and extract your digital assets.”


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