Evening Read | How do people in different countries perceive Web3? Do they still have confidence in the future of crypto?

1. Key Dates and Schedule for the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

In this article, we will learn about the key dates and schedule for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF and what we need to prepare for in the coming weeks… Click to read

2. Golden Observation | Empathy Community, Crushing Community Azuki Again Becomes Zagabond Learning Experiment?

On June 28th, the blue-chip NFT project Azuki’s new series “Azuki Elementals” went on sale. Under the project’s many “god operations,” a feast that was originally highly anticipated by the community and holders has become the target of public criticism, with the floor price of the first-generation Azuki falling below 10 ETH and the new graph breaking down. Click to read

3. Sorting Out the Three Innovations of Uniswap V4

On June 13th, Uniswap released the Uniswap V4 code draft. The vision of Uniswap V4 is to allow anyone to make these trade-offs by introducing “hooks.” Hooks are contracts that run at various points in the pool operation lifecycle, and the pool can make the same trade-offs as v3 or add entirely new functionality. Click to read

4. Who Is Bullish on Azuki? Analysis of the Movements of Eight Big Whales

Azuki Elementals has swept the screen and sparked community controversy, leading to Elementals falling below the issue price and Azuki’s floor price falling below 9 ETH. Regarding the sale of Azuki Elementals and community discussions, the author will not elaborate further. In this article, the author will explore the attitude of the most influential participants in the NFT field toward Azuki Elementals from the perspective of whale data. Click to read

5. Consensys Survey: How Much Do People in Each Country Know About Web3? Do They Still Have Confidence in Crypto’s Future?

Since Bitcoin was born in 2009, discussions surrounding the crypto industry have been active, mainly focusing on “Money Crypto.” This includes the fluctuations in prices such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), as well as regulatory and legal issues surrounding CEXs like FTX. Consensys and YouGov conducted a global survey on crypto and Web3, aiming to grasp the views and opinions of people in different regions of the world on crypto and Web3. In addition to typical questions about investing in crypto assets, the survey also explores themes such as data privacy, digital ownership, and recent crypto news cycles. This report interviewed 15,158 people aged 18 to 65 from 15 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia to form the survey results. Click to read

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