Evening Must-Read | Why Will DAOs Rise?

Blockchain Judicial Secrets in 1,659 Judgments: The Judgment Result Is a Mystery and Execution Is a Challenge

In 2021, lawyer Liu Lei won a dispute involving 410 Ethereum entrusted investments. Unlike previous cases where courts often declared contracts invalid or dismissed litigation requests directly on the grounds that virtual currency assets are not money and disrupt financial order, this time, although the court also ruled the entrusted investment contract invalid, it required the party entrusted with the investment to return the original virtual currency.

This is a rare precedent in judicial practice for disputes over virtual currency investment contracts. However, when it came to the execution of the judgment, a new challenge arose. The other party refused to execute the judgment, but the court did not have any coercive measures. Without the ability to freeze their wallet account, there was no way to execute with other properties equal in value to the virtual currency. The difficulty in execution points to the root problem that virtual currency is not recognized as property in judicial practice. Click to read more.

2. Binance Research: Introduction to Account Abstraction (AA) and Current AA Ecosystem

2023 witnessed the emergence of new innovations. For example, the BRC-20 token standard brought new possibilities to the Bitcoin network. In Ethereum, a feature called “Account Abstraction” (AA) was formally introduced through the ERC-4337 standard. This is a critical enhancement that simplifies and creates new user functionalities by modifying the underlying account structure. Click to read more.

3. Overview of Ethereum Ecosystem Privacy Use Cases and Projects

During EthCC, ZK Validator founders Anna Rose and Will Harborne gave a speech on the development of privacy protection in Ethereum. This article is a deep dive into their speech, delving more deeply into the privacy protection ecosystem of the Ethereum network. It highlights the parties involved and the related research that has been published or will be released. Click to read more.

4. Seeking the Next Cryptocurrency Investment Revolution: Unibot Project Analysis

If you have used Uniswap before, you know that the experience is mediocre. Telegram trading bots have become popular in the cryptocurrency world because they provide a simpler and faster way of trading, especially for new users. Click to read more.

5. Why Will DAO Rise?

Many organizations have already started operating in the form of DAOs, but many others are skeptical: Can this organizational structure be sustainable in the long run? Can a “DAO” with low efficiency and high liquidity replace the corporate structure? In the face of these doubts, I try to explain why DAOs will inevitably rise and become the most significant organizational system in this era from another perspective – emergence. Click to read more.

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