NFT trading market Element officially supports the BTC Ordinals protocol, and first promotes the top ten functions.

Author: Wang Feng, Founder of Element

Source: Twitter

Element officially supports the BTC Ordinals protocol market.

The team has made a great determination and invested all technical manpower to develop and test for three months, entering the BTC ecosystem that I am very optimistic about.

It should be said that this is currently the best NFT professional market in terms of supporting BTC Ordinals protocol assets, trading efficiency, and lowest fees.

The top ten features of the new product are as follows (see the figure below):

Feature 1: Bulk purchase

Buy multiple NFTs in bulk, quickly complete the transaction based on your filtering conditions, and improve purchasing efficiency.

Feature 2: Bulk listing

Similar to bulk purchase, once the assets are selected, multiple NFT assets can be listed quickly at once, improving the efficiency of listing.

Feature 3: Bulk transfer

Very simple, transfer multiple NFT assets at once to improve transfer efficiency, in fact, many people use this feature.

Feature 4: Provide real-time transparent LaunchLianGuaid for creators and traders

Unlike other markets on the market, using the Element platform, creators do not need to mint NFT collections before the sale, which actually saves costs.

At the same time, it allows users to participate in the NFT minting on the BTC network for the first time, making the participation more fair.

Application for creator LaunchLianGuaid report:…

Feature 5: No need for users to exchange small UTXOs in advance for the first purchase

UTXO, which stands for Unspent Transaction Output. I have explained it on Twitter before.

On Element, users who make their first purchase do not need to exchange 600 onions worth of UTXOs in advance, eliminating the cumbersome and confusing process for newcomers to the market, simplifying the process, and easily starting their first NFT purchase journey.

Feature 6: Domains, domains, domains

Well supports customized classification and filtering of domain collection attributes.

Provides customized services for each domain collection, allowing users to easily filter and browse domain names with specific attributes. For example,

.BTC @btcdao_ord

SATS @ordoshi_sats

X.names @Xname_id

Feature 7: Also supports BRC20 engraving

As an NFT market platform, Element also supports the engraving of ERC20 assets as a layout and tribute to the BTC inscription ecosystem. Hope someone will enjoy using it.

Quickly engrave your exclusive inscription, supporting various formats such as BRC20, files, text, and sns.

Here, click to engrave:

Feature 8: Binding BTC Wallet Address with EVM Wallet Address

Element is a multi-chain marketplace that supports almost all mainstream EVM-based NFT transactions. Therefore, we specially support the binding of personal EVM and BTC wallet addresses, seamlessly connecting them to help our platform users manage their multi-chain assets more conveniently.

Feature 9: Full-chain Transaction Rankings

The Element team has always been committed to providing full-chain transaction data for any ecosystem, making it convenient for users to search, not just the transaction data of the platform itself.

This time, the support for the BTC ecosystem is the same.

You’re welcome, this is the attitude that a cryptocurrency market should have: openness + transparency.

Feature 10: Integration of Resources from Multiple Platforms (already supporting 3000+ BTC collections)

Element integrates resources from multiple platforms and already supports the querying, displaying, and trading of over 3000 BTC Ordinals collections. Compared to all other NFT markets in the current BTC ecosystem, it already has very high usability.

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