Missed too many potential projects, don’t miss the opBNB chain MEKE.

Recently, according to BNB CHAIN, the opBNB mainnet has been opened to infrastructure providers, bringing us one step closer to the launch of the opBNB mainnet.

opBNB is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Layer 2 solution on the Binance Chain, built on the OP Stack. Since the launch of the opBNB testnet on June 19th, it has established connections with many outstanding developers and witnessed their thriving development on opBNB.

Now, the opBNB mainnet has been opened to infrastructure providers. The first phase of the mainnet allows providers to deploy their products on opBNB to prepare for the mainnet launch at the end of August or early September, when it will be open to millions of users for on-chain services.

By referring to the successful projects on BASE Chain such as BALD or the recent breakout of friend.tech, we can see the huge potential and opportunities for projects on the opBNB chain. The earlier you layout on opBNB, the greater chance of success, like MEKE, a decentralized crypto derivatives trading platform, which is one of the first applications to go live on opBNB and the first decentralized crypto derivatives trading platform on opBNB.

Therefore, Binance Chain’s official Twitter account has also strongly promoted the MEKE platform and retweeted it, indicating that MEKE has extraordinary potential and prospects. The second phase of MEKE’s public beta test reward activity is about to begin, and participating in the beta test or sharing MEKE will have benefits comparable to early participation in the beta airdrops of dYdX, Optimism, and Arbtirum!

What is MEKE?

MEKE is a decentralized on-chain derivatives trading platform developed by a US team in 2021. It can be used to trade perpetual contracts of various mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and in the future, it will also consider futures trading of physical assets such as gold, oil, and US bonds.

Core features of MEKE?

1. Order Book Trading Model

In terms of the trading model, MEKE adopts the classic order book model. The trading system is developed through smart contracts, and the entire trading process is executed through smart contracts, making the trading transparent, traceable, and tamper-proof. Based on the order book model, MEKE can use zero-knowledge proof technology to obtain optimal prices and enter or exit positions with minimal spreads and price impact, without incurring additional costs.

Of course, MEKE also has the feature of expanding more trading functions. For example, its established on-chain derivatives ecosystem not only focuses on cryptocurrencies but also considers futures trading of physical assets such as gold, oil, and US bonds. It will introduce physical assets such as gold, oil, and US bonds to the chain in the form of RWA and build a brand new derivatives system around these RWA assets. This is a very promising narrative direction, and with the support of L2, MEKE is expected to stand out in the on-chain derivatives track.

2. Fast Transaction Speed, Low Transaction Fees

MEKE is deployed on the opBNB testnet. opBNB is an EVM-compatible L2 scalability solution based on the Optimism OP Stack. It can process over 4,000 transfer transactions per second and keep the platform transaction cost below 0.005U, outperforming existing scaling solutions.

Furthermore, opBNB allows developers to independently build L3 on-chain to serve blockchains that require complete independence or DApps with customized needs, such as custom gas tokens and custom user permissions.

In addition, Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, with a massive user base and brand influence. opBNB benefits from Binance’s brand endorsement, which provides users and developers with higher trust. MEKE is deployed on the opBNB testnet, indirectly benefiting from Binance’s brand endorsement and gaining support from Binance’s large user base.

3. Low entry barrier, smooth user experience

MEKE is user-friendly and offers a trading experience similar to centralized perpetual contracts. With a basic understanding of wallet operations, users can easily use MEKE for contract transactions. As an opBNB derivative trading platform, MEKE can seamlessly integrate with other services and tools on opBNB, providing users with a seamless and integrated experience.

In summary, as a newly launched flagship application on the Binance Chain L2 network, although MEKE is still in the early stages of development, it will experience rapid growth due to its reliance on opBNB and Binance. Leveraging their technological advantages, traffic support, and growing ecosystem applications, MEKE is worth keeping a close eye on as an opBNB project.

Currently, the second phase of the MEKE public beta test is very popular and is nearing its end. Participating in the MEKE public beta test offers benefits similar to early participation in airdrops for projects like dYdX, Optimism, and Arbitrum. For more information, long-press to copy and click to follow the official MEKE community.

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