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Twitter is dead, long live CryptoTwitter?

X.com, renamed by Elon Musk, was once the epicenter of the cryptocurrency world. What comes next?

Social app Primal, based on the Nostr protocol, raises $1 million in funding with participation from Hivemind Ventures.

Social app Primal, based on the Nostr protocol, has completed a $1 million funding round with participation from Ten31 and Hivemind Ventures. Primal's social…

Nostr: Overcoming the digital challenge of social network mapping

Open and interoperable content/social graph promote the formation of hegemony.

Nostr 2.0: A Bitcoin Layer2 Off-Chain Data Storage Layer

Nostr 2.0 may be able to serve as a Layer2 built on top of Bitcoin, providing secure off-chain data storage, much like the Lightning…

Learn About NostrSwap in Three Minutes: Nostr’s First Dex in the Ecosystem to Achieve Zero-Gas BRC-20 Trading

Starting from a decentralized and high-performance Dex, NostrSwap depicts an efficient, convenient, interconnected, and low-threshold financial ecosystem with NRC-20 as the core.

What is Nostr? Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey paid for sponsorship, but Elon Musk banned it

nostr is a minimal protocol capable of creating, once and for all, a censorship-resistant global "social" network. nostr does not rely on any trusted…

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