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Understanding the Release Process and Functional Updates of Chainlink Staking v0.2 in One Article

This article will provide an overview of the release process for Staking v0.2, as well as the new upgrades and features included. More detailed…

Researching the behavior patterns of airdrop experts average airdrop earnings reach up to $20,000, what is their next target?

Airdrop hunters are primarily real and high-quality users they actively participate in various blockchain projects, conduct cross-chain transactions, and maintain stable activity on multiple…

Exploring Narrative Trajectories How to Get Involved in Early Alpha Projects?

The underlying logic remains that you can invest funds in a liquid asset during a bear market period and achieve better returns than in…

Inventory of the 13 award-winning projects at the ETHGlobal LianGuairis hackathon

The project mainly involves several tracks such as voice interaction, privacy protection, and cross-chain.

Vitalik: Ethereum ecosystem needs three technological transitions

Vitalik: There are three main technical transformations that need to happen simultaneously in the Ethereum ecosystem - L2 scaling transformation, wallet security transformation, and…

Is the hype around Bitcoin domain name BNS just using old tricks or is it a unique innovation?

What are the differences between these domain names? What are their uses? How do we choose? This article will attempt to provide some answers.

From concept to landing Web3.0 takes shape

The concept of Web3.0 first appeared in 2014. The system will contain a series of open-source protocols that can provide building blocks for application…

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Web 3.0 is coming, whether buy Coins, NFTs or just Coding, everyone can participate.

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