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Ignoring FUD, Binance celebrates its 6th anniversary by withstanding external pressure and expanding into the realm of Web3.

Binance, a cryptocurrency market, remains optimistic despite FUD. On its 6th anniversary, Binance has managed to withstand external pressures and grow in the Web3…

Bitcoin “stable” at $30,000, is a bullish signal on the way?

Since 2023, the Bitcoin market has maintained a continuous growth trend, and in recent weeks it has rebounded to over $31,000 and is consolidating…

African Cryptocurrency Market Report: Nigeria shows highest interest, Meme coins receive most attention.

Like other countries in Africa, Nigeria's interest in and adoption of cryptocurrency is largely driven by weak traditional financial infrastructure and economic challenges, including…

Ideas and perspectives of Web3 entrepreneurs in 2023

Thoughts and perspectives of Web2 to Web3 app entrepreneurs on the current market ## Introduction As Web2 to Web3 app entrepreneurs, we have been…

Japanese Cryptocurrency Market Report: Study of Industry Trends and Future Prospects

In the cryptocurrency industry in Japan, NFT and Web3 games are dominant fields.

Data Analysis: The Supporting Forces Behind the Growth of NFT Market in 2023

Is the growth of the NFT market in 2023 due to new funds entering or old funds circulating?

Explaining the encrypted airdrop strategy and 6 opportunities to earn

This article analyzes encrypted airdrops, including their definition, history, process, and classification, while providing experiences and precautions for safely participating in airdrops.

Is the NFT Bull Market Reviving? Eight Sets of Data Analyze the Current Situation of the NFT Market

Has the NFT market already recovered? Let's find the answer from the following sets of data.

Luxury fashion brand layout NFT market, is it to follow the trend or the next outlet?

Despite the approaching Crypto winter, luxury brands such as Gucci and Tiffany continue to penetrate the NFT market. However, the NFT floor price continues…

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