Can the vision of wealth redistribution through UBI of Worldcoin be realized through the Meme? Interpreting Trait Sniper’s overnight explosion in popularity.

1. Twitter Airdrop Sweeps the Cryptocurrency Community

On the evening of August 1st, to the anticipation of many, TraitSniper officially opened its airdrop application. Discussions about TraitSniper have become the hot topic of the day in the entire cryptocurrency community and a phenomenon on Twitter. In less than 24 hours, the Telegram community has surpassed 100,000 members, with BNB Chain data showing over 150,000 holding addresses. Currently, as of the time of writing, TraitSniper has 198,000 Twitter followers, over 150,000 users in the Telegram community, and over 400,000 holding addresses on-chain, solidifying its position as a leading meme project in recent times.

Regarding the specific application process for the TraitSniper airdrop, users only need to open the Trait Sniper official website and connect their wallets. Through the embedded TwitterScan API service, TraitSniper can deeply analyze the digital footprint of each Twitter user to assess their level of engagement, coverage, and influence. This allows them to identify individuals who not only have a large fan base but also resonate with their followers in a genuine and influential manner. TwitterScan automatically calculates the influence of Twitter accounts, primarily considering key variables such as registration time, number of followers, number of tweets, and user interactions. Users can claim the corresponding TS token airdrop based on their Twitter account influence and complete the process by clicking on the application button.

2. Fair Launch and Innovative Gameplay

In 2021, Dogecoin and SHIB became top-tier meme coins with the help of Elon Musk and have since developed their own ecosystems. Although there have been numerous projects that gained attention due to massive price increases in a short period, they were ultimately eliminated by the market. This year’s PEPE is one of the few newcomers in recent years.

Why are there few projects that can replicate the success of Dogecoin and SHIB? The main reason is that meme coins are more of a totem symbol of community consensus and a comprehensive entity subject to market speculation. One of the basic requirements is that all memes should be fully released and freely speculated in the market. On the other hand, the recently popular BALD token, with the project team retaining a portion of the tokens, directly withdrew liquidity after the token increased by millions of times. This should be called “scam” rather than meme. In fact, the majority of projects claiming to be meme coins in the market are basically scams, following a “pump and dump” pattern, where the tokens are sold off after a price increase.

The TS token being airdropped by TraitSniper this time is essentially more in line with the attributes of a meme and is another meme rising star in the cryptocurrency market following Dogecoin, SHIB, and PEPE. “We redefine ourselves as the ultimate platform for the influence economy.”

According to the whitepaper, TS token is the only ecological token issued by TraitSniper, with a total supply of 1 trillion. Among them, 100% of the tokens will be used for airdrops to the public, and the project party has no reservations; this airdrop is fair and without any presale, providing guarantees for users. From this perspective, the TS token chips are fully released and are very suitable for long-term market games, without worrying about the project party dumping.

The initial pricing of TS is only $0.000001, and the initial fully circulating market value is only a million dollars. As a new MeMe coin, a million market value is not too high. Taking PEPE’s current market value of $520 million as a benchmark, TS has an appreciation space of about 520 times; taking the common standard of $20 million for MeMe projects, there is also a 20-fold increase potential.

On August 5th, Trait Sniper ushered in the sale of $TS as scheduled, and the increase in less than 24 hours exceeded 6 times. Moreover, it steadily rose, showing a stable trend in price. This should be closely related to its innovative mechanism. TraitSniper’s innovative gameplay is very interesting. Many users thought that everything would be fine after receiving the airdrop, but in fact, receiving the airdrop is only receiving a “ticket”. The $TS received by users represents the initial quota for purchasing $TS, and the real meme has just begun.

Firstly, only users who have received the influential airdrop can trade, which prevents users who are still outside the game from entering and buying, and gives 100% of the price increase bonus to airdrop users, protecting the interests of these seed users to the greatest extent. If you receive 100 million $TS, it means you have a purchase quota of 100U, and this quota will be linearly replenished by 110% every day, so you can buy 110U the next day. Each purchase and sale will be subject to a 10% transaction tax, so you won’t sell unless it increases by 20%, and there is no selling pressure because the airdropped $TS are all locked. Therefore, according to a price increase calculation table published by Trait Sniper, it can reach 3,300 times in 20 days, which is simply crazy. Currently, Trait Sniper has closed the protection for seed users, and new users can directly receive 300 million $TS airdrops, equivalent to a purchase quota of 300 USDT.

Secondly, there is the “lying and winning” mode. The unlocked quota comes not only from the 5% at the time of purchase but also from inviting friends. A level one invitation unlocks 2% of the airdrop, and a level two invitation unlocks 1% of the airdrop. And any user’s purchase can unlock 1% of the airdrop for all users. So those airdrop whales and users with strong meme abilities can continuously promote and encourage more people to buy, without having to do anything themselves. Therefore, the more coins (purchases) held in the early stage, the higher the profit earned.

It should be noted that all processes such as airdrops, transactions, and staking mining will be executed by smart contracts without human intervention. All code is open source, and third-party institutions can conduct audits at any time, further increasing the transparency of the project.

III. Growth Flywheel in the MeMe Mode

With outstanding performance and excellent user experience, TraitSniper has become the most popular NFT tool in the crypto market, with over 100,000 Chrome extension installations and over 2 million monthly active users since its launch. Now, TraitSniper is transitioning to Web3 SocialFi and plans to establish a Web3 influence economy to connect all value creators and participants and promote the long-term prosperity of the crypto ecosystem.

In this airdrop, TraitSniper is targeting all Twitter users. In terms of form, it is similar to the popular concept of UBI (Universal Basic Income) in recent years, achieving balanced distribution of wealth. However, TraitSniper has learned from the lessons of previous UBI projects and relies on the highest traffic social portal website, Twitter, so that users do not need to leave their original social platform or perform complex operations to claim the airdrop.

In addition, unlike previous UBI projects that were only for self-entertainment and could not last, TraitSniper has also established a business model to achieve sustainable development through influence economics. This is also a core purpose of this airdrop, to support Twitter creators and facilitate the formation of the Web3 influence network.

As an emerging MeMe project, TraitSniper’s potential is being discovered. Especially in the current market where high-quality assets are scarce, major centralized platforms are bound to not miss out.

Of course, the value of MeMe tokens, in addition to community consensus, also depends on the expansion of application scenarios in order to achieve long-term growth and community prosperity, and in turn, better promote token value exploration.

Take Dogecoin as an example. Musk has announced that Tesla and Twitter subscription services will support Dogecoin payments, which undoubtedly adds new payment scenarios to the original transactions. The TS token is no exception. In addition to market speculation, TraitSniper has also added use cases for TS.

According to the official plan, the large-scale airdrop is just the first step. With more and more active value users joining, as well as more Twitter interactions and content production, TraitSniper will gradually establish a Web3 influence network. At that time, project parties can customize diverse social promotion activities for a fee, and influential users can undertake tasks and participate in project promotions to achieve a win-win situation. The TS token plays a crucial role as a payment medium in this process.

For example, project parties can log in to the TraitSniper influence network, directly publish tasks on the platform, and set up promotional activities, such as specifying topics for promotion, inviting users, completing specified on-chain staking, etc., and set TS rewards. Influential Web3 KOLs can accept promotion orders on the platform and receive corresponding token rewards based on the promotion results. Through efficient and precise cooperation, it is beneficial to identify truly influential creators, and with a results-oriented approach, it can maximize the spread effect, enhance project brand awareness, and promote the rapid development of the business.

TraitSniper creates a positive loop in its ecosystem, continuously enhancing the value of its tokens and driving the high-speed operation of the entire growth flywheel. Eventually, TS will not just be a MeMe coin, but will become a “social currency” among Web3 users.

TraitSniper officially launched a large-scale airdrop on August 1st, allowing all Twitter users to qualify for receiving the unique ecological token TS. This airdrop is fair and has no pre-sale. The DEX permanently locks the tokens, and the project team has no reserved tokens, providing users with absolute security.

From this perspective, TraitSniper’s approach aligns with the concept of implementing wealth redistribution through UBI and will become a rising star that disrupts the MeMe market after pepe.

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