Evening Must-Read | Vitalik Buterin’s Speech Transcript The Past and Present of Ethereum

1. Price continues to hit new lows, Arbitrum takes the road to self-rescue

As the launch of the exchange approaches the half-year mark, the performance of L2 leading network Arbitrum’s token has truly surprised people. Especially in September, the price dropped below $0.9, setting a new low since the opening in March. Click to read more

2. Co-founder of Story Protocol shares how Story Protocol helps the development of content and IP industry

A few years ago, I sold my previous company Radish to Kakao, and now, I am very excited to announce Story Protocol. Story Protocol has raised $54 million in funding, with a16z crypto leading the investment. I am also thrilled to work with the talented co-founders Jason Levy, Jason Zhao, and my team members. Click to read more

3. Overview of 12 infrastructure and DeFi projects in Variant Founder Fellowship program

Crypto venture capital firm Variant Fund launched the first Founder Fellowship program in the summer of 2023. According to Variant Fund, they received over 400 applications and selected 23 projects. Click to read more

4. Transcript of Vitalik Buterin’s speech at Nanyang Technological University: “Ethereum’s Past and Present”

This article is a transcript of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s keynote speech at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on September 6th. Unlike his speech at KBW (Korea Blockchain Week) on September 5th, which focused on “challenges and solutions for Ethereum,” Vitalik’s speech this time is more macroscopic, with the theme of “Ethereum’s Past and Present.” He starts from the birth of Ethereum, talks about the realization of “smart contracts,” the transformation of Ethereum’s consensus mechanism, and other milestones that are destined to be recorded in the history of blockchain. Known as “V God” in the Chinese blockchain world, he always appears in a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. The nascent crypto world has gone through several cycles, with countless people rising and falling, but this trailblazer never stops. Click to read more

5. Overview of the first batch of six investment projects by Base Ecosystem Fund

Base Ecosystem Fund, led by Coinbase Ventures, aims to invest in next-generation on-chain projects based on Base. We received over 800 applications for the Base Ecosystem Fund, and on September 7th, the fund announced the first batch of six investments: Avantis, BSX, Onboard, OpenCover, LianGuairagraph, and Truflation. Click to read more

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