LianGuaiWeb3.0 Daily | Thodex Exchange CEO Sentenced to 11,196 Years in Prison

DeFi Data

1. Total market value of DeFi tokens: $42.728 billion

Data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $3.4381 billion

Data source: Coingecko

3. Locked assets in DeFi: $37.831 billion

Data source: Defillama

NFT Data

1. Total market value of NFTs: $14.113 billion

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2. NFT trading volume in the past 24 hours: $1.089 billion

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3. Top 10 NFTs sold in the past 24 hours

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CEO of defunct cryptocurrency exchange Thodex sentenced to 11,196 years in prison

LianGuai reported that Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, and his sister Serap Özer and brother Güven Özer have been sentenced to 11,196 years, 10 months, and 15 days in prison, and fined 135 million Turkish lira (approximately $5 million).
Thodex, one of Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, went offline suddenly in April 2021 and Özer disappeared. More than 400,000 members were unaware and unable to access their cryptocurrency deposits worth $2 billion. Özer fled to Albania but was arrested in August 2022 after receiving a red notice from Interpol.

    NFT/Digital Collectibles Highlights

    1. Insiders: Co-founders of cricket NFT platform Rario may leave due to investor cost-cutting

    On September 8th, insiders revealed that the co-founders of the cricket NFT platform Rario will be leaving the company. It is said that Rario CEO Ankit Wadhwa and CTO Sunny Bhanot are being sidelined from the company due to increased control by Rario’s largest investors, including Dream11. Insiders also mentioned that many positions at Rario will be eliminated. Dream Sports, the parent company of Dream11, is considering cost-cutting measures and negotiating many licensing agreements signed by Rario to reduce expenses.
    Previously reported, in April 2022, cricket NFT platform Rario raised $120 million in funding, with lead investment from Dream Capital, the venture capital and mergers and acquisitions division of Dream Sports, and participation from AlphaWave Global, Animoca Brands, Presight Capital, and Kingsway Capital.

      2. “Sad Frog” creator Matt Furie has sold his holdings of PEPE and made a profit of approximately $564,000

      On September 8th, according to on-chain data, Matt Furie, the original creator of the “Sad Frog” (Pepe the Frog) image, sold his holdings of 726,351,477,419 PEPE tokens 12 hours ago, in exchange for 342.535 ETH (approximately $564,000).
      It is reported that Matt Furie’s PEPE holdings mainly came from donations by LianGuaiULY, the founder of the NFT marketplace Not Larva Labs.
      Earlier, LianGuaiULY stated that the real identity of the PEPE founder is Zachary Testa, who currently resides in Arizona. Zachary is active on social media using the two accounts @degenharambe and @LordKekLol. Zachary Testa was born in 1997, graduated from Arizona State University in 2018, and is now a professional photographer.

        3. Binance NFT will no longer support the Polygon network and will cease The Sandbox NFT staking program

        According to LianGuai’s report, Binance announced that as part of the ongoing effort to streamline the Binance NFT marketplace product offerings, after careful consideration and evaluation, the staking program for The Sandbox NFT will be discontinued at 14:00 on September 26, 2023 (UTC+8).
        Starting from 14:00 on September 26, 2023 (UTC+8), users will no longer be able to stake LAND NFTs hosted on the Polygon network on the Binance NFT marketplace to earn daily The Sandbox (SAND) rewards. All LAND NFTs currently staked on the Binance NFT marketplace will be automatically unstaked on September 27, 2023 (UTC+8) and returned to users’ Binance accounts after 10:00 on September 28, 2023 (UTC+8). The final SAND daily rewards will also be automatically distributed to users’ spot wallets after 10:00 on September 28, 2023 (UTC+8).
        In addition, Binance NFT will no longer support the Polygon network starting from 14:00 on September 26, 2023 (UTC+8). Users are advised to withdraw their NFTs from the Binance NFT marketplace via the Polygon network before 07:59 on January 1, 2024 (UTC+8). Further detailed information will be provided to affected users.

        4. Open Campus ID will open the first phase whitelist to EDU and Genesis NFT holders on September 14th

        On September 8th, Open Campus announced that Open Campus ID will open the first phase whitelist to EDU and Genesis NFT holders at 18:00 (Beijing Time) on September 14th, with a total of 1000 spots available. Open Campus ID is SBT and provides access to educational content provided by Open Campus, along with all information related to OC ID. Open Campus ID has a .edu suffix and users can choose their domain names, representing their on-chain educational identity.

        DeFi Highlights

        1. 13,369,985 MATIC transferred from an unknown wallet to Polygon Stake

        According to LianGuai’s report, data shows that at 3:32 pm today (Beijing Time), 13,369,985 MATIC (worth approximately $7,312,801) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Polygon Stake.

        2. Data: Total number of users bridged to Starknet reaches 865,812

        LianGuai reports that according to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total value locked (TVL) of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Starknet has exceeded 400,000 ETH, reaching 402,789 ETH at the time of writing, equivalent to over $660 million at the current price. The total number of users on the bridging platform is 865,812. Historical data shows that Starknet’s bridging TVL surpassed 300,000 ETH on August 27th, indicating a growth of over 100,000 ETH, or approximately 33.3%, in the past two weeks.

        3. Consensys Strategic Director: Decentralized Infura to Launch by the End of This Year

        LianGuai reports that Consensys Strategic Director Simon Morris announced at the Korean Blockchain Week that decentralized Infura will be launched by the end of this year, with major Web2 cloud providers becoming part of the network. Infura is the access point for most DApps to access real-time on-chain data of the Ethereum blockchain. However, due to its control by Consensys alone, it is susceptible to single point failures. After Infura experienced a downtime in November 2020, MetaMask wallet stopped working, and centralized exchanges and DeFi projects were also affected. Infura has also faced criticism from some users for complying with U.S. sanctions on TornadoCash, but as a U.S.-based company, Consensys has little control over the matter.

          4. Cobo Partners with BlockSec to Launch DeFi Security Early Warning Robot

          On September 8th, digital asset custody solution provider Cobo announced a partnership with blockchain security company BlockSec to enhance the fund security of Cobo Argus users through product integration. The two companies have combined BlockSec’s attack monitoring and automated blocking capabilities with Cobo Argus’ role-based on-chain access control and parameter-level risk management, launching an early warning robot that can detect and respond to attacks in advance. Cobo Argus is an institutional-grade DeFi investment management platform that provides services such as role-based on-chain access control, parameter-level risk management, and automated operation robots for DeFi interactions.

          5. dYdX to Launch Testnet 3 on September 13th

          On September 8th, dYdX announced the closure of Testnet 2 on September 11th at 23:00 and the launch of Testnet 3 on September 13th. The updates for Testnet 3 include conditional orders, MEV nodes, delayed message modules, and support for paying gas fees with governance tokens.

          Metaverse Highlights

          1. Five Departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Issue “Three-Year Action Plan for Innovative Development of the Metaverse Industry (2023-2025)”

          LianGuai reports that the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other departments have issued a notice on the issuance of the “Three-Year Action Plan for Innovative Development of the Metaverse Industry (2023-2025)”. The plan aims to achieve breakthroughs in metaverse technology, industry, applications, and governance by 2025, making it an important growth driver of the digital economy. The industry is expected to grow in scale, have a reasonable layout, and have a mature technological system, with further consolidation of its support capabilities. The plan also aims to cultivate 3-5 globally influential ecological companies and a group of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and create 3-5 industrial development clusters. The development of the industrial metaverse will have initial results, creating typical applications and establishing benchmark production lines, factories, and parks.

          Build a cultural and tourism metaverse, providing products and services such as digital collections, digital tour guides, and XR guides for cultural venues, tourist attractions, festivals, and events. Create new forms of digital performing arts and “cloud tourism” to create immersive smart cultural and tourism experience spaces. Construct three-dimensional models of goods, virtual shopping assistants, and virtual malls to enhance immersive shopping experiences. Accelerate the application of the metaverse in the broadcasting and television listening scenes, promote the establishment of a program production and broadcasting system in the metaverse form, establish a virtual production and virtual-reality integration tool pool, and a public service platform to facilitate the iteration and innovation of program production tools, create a new model for future TV, improve media service capabilities, and enrich the spiritual world of the people.

            2. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Next step will promote the expansion of downstream applications in the new display industry to meet the needs of emerging fields such as the Metaverse

            LianGuai News reports that Zhang Yunming, member of the Party Group and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated in his speech at the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Display Industry Conference in Chengdu that the next step will be to promote the expansion of downstream applications in the new display industry to meet the needs of emerging fields such as 5G communication, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, new energy vehicles, and the Metaverse, and to innovate product supply.

              Disclaimer: LianGuai, as a blockchain information platform, publishes articles for information reference only and does not constitute actual investment advice. Please establish the correct investment concept and be sure to enhance risk awareness.

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