Starknet will release Starknet V0.12.1 for testing later this month. The improvements include allowing failed transactions to be included in blocks.

Starknet has released a tweet stating that as part of the Starknet Quantum Leap Phase 1, Starknet alpha V0.12.0 has been deployed on the Goerli testnet and is currently in the final testing phase before the mainnet stress test next week. In the short term, Starknet will focus on improving user experience and transaction reliability. Later this month, Starknet will begin implementing and testing the release of Starknet 0.12.1, which will introduce another major improvement: including failed transactions in blocks. In addition, this change will also protect the sorter from the impact of users sending spam to the system without paying for failed transactions. In addition, Starknet Governance Phase 1 will focus on major protocol upgrades, with each major version upgrade deployed first on the testnet and snapshot proposals opened during the review period, allowing the community to vote on whether to approve deployment on the mainnet.


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