Revolut A fully decentralized over-the-counter trading application.

Revolut is a global payment application, which is completely decentralized. It is a benign project developed by global consensus participants. Users can settle in local currency and enjoy local preferential policies worldwide. Revolut also provides free transfers between other Revolut users, whether locally or internationally.

Revolut is changing the way people use technology and interact with technology, and shaping the future of financial and lifestyle experiences. But a forward-looking company needs to stay in line with future needs – not just economic needs, but also environmental and social needs of the surrounding world. Therefore, Revolut’s mission is to make global sustainability the core of everything Revolut does.

The vision of Revolut is to build the world’s first financial super app. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to build and retain an excellent team, attract, hire and retain the best talents, and create conditions for them to achieve brilliant achievements for customers.

The culture of Revolut is loyal to the values of Revolut; it encourages everyone to speak freely, pursue excellence, and always do the right thing. Revolut exists to eliminate all obstacles that prevent you from achieving money as your goal. Revolut is building an easy, seamless, borderless platform that makes you never want to use any other financial services again.

Revolut is achieving this goal through its consistent approach: relentlessly providing faster, better, and smarter products.

The goal of Revolut is to enable everyone to complete all money-related tasks with just a few taps – simplifying spending, saving, investing, borrowing, managing currency in all application scenarios.

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