Polygon shares its Polygon 2.0 architecture, which consists of Staking Layer, Interoperability Layer, Execution Layer, and Proof-of-Stake Layer.

Polygon has shared its proposed architecture for Polygon 2.0, which aims to provide infinite scalability and unified liquidity and realizes the vision of Polygon as the internet of value. Polygon 2.0 consists of four protocol layers, namely the staking layer, interoperability layer, execution layer, and proof layer. The staking layer is a PoS-based protocol that utilizes the Polygon native token to provide decentralization to the participation in the Polygon chain and implements a common, highly decentralized validator pool and a built-in re-staking model. The interoperability layer facilitates secure and seamless cross-chain information transfer within the Polygon ecosystem, making the entire Polygon network a single chain for users by abstracting the complexity of cross-chain communication. The execution layer allows any Polygon chain to produce ordered batches of transactions, also known as blocks. The proof layer is a high-performance, flexible ZK proof protocol that generates proofs for all transactions on each Polygon chain.

The infinite scalability is achieved through the use of ZK-driven L2 chains, while the unified liquidity is achieved through a new type of interoperability proposed in the architecture. The summary of the Polygon 2.0 architecture is as follows: 1) a multi-chain L2 environment supported by ZK, consisting of a public chain (zkEVM and POS) and application chains (Supernets); 2) the first interoperability layer driven by ZK, similar to a single composable chain; 3) a staking center where Polygon tokens are staked to participate in various layers and earn fees (heavy staking); 4) an interoperability layer of proof aggregation driven by Plonky3’s ultra-fast recursive proof; 5) upgrading the Supernet stack to L2 Supernets supported by ZK.

Reference: https://polygon.technology/blog/polygon-2-0-protocol-vision-and-architecture

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