Exploring the potential and challenges of on-chain gaming: What are the possible solutions?

SevenX Ventures researcher Louis provided an interpretation of the concept of blockchain games, their connection to autonomous worlds, and the challenges they face. He also identified solutions to challenges in the blockchain gaming market, including MUD, Dojo, ARC, and others.

Advantages of full-chain games include unrestricted composability and interoperability, verifiable on-chain information and player asset ownership, and decentralized management mechanisms. However, building full-chain games is still quite challenging, with several core issues, including the lack of frameworks and effective code reusability, insufficient data composability, and current blockchain scalability issues.

Currently, several teams are working to address these issues: 1) Lattice is building a MUD, which is a framework designed for complex applications, introducing conventions for organizing data and logic, while abstracting away low-level complexity, so developers can focus on application functionality and store data on-chain in a standardized way; 2) Dojo is a verifiable game engine that provides a toolkit for creating autonomous worlds, and in combination with cartridges, enables modular and scalable autonomous worlds; 3) ARC, released by Jump Crypto, adopts an ECS style, with the main goal of separating data from execution, while creating dynamic data structures to improve interoperability and composability.

4) Scott Sunarto released “World Engine,” a sharded Rollup SDK designed for horizontally scaling on-chain games to improve scalability; 5) Playmint developed “CLIENT SIDE PROOFS,” which uses SNARKs and ZK proofs to significantly increase the computational complexity of on-chain games without increasing gas costs; 6) If on-chain game logic requires additional computing power, Risc Zero’s zkVM and upcoming Bonsai network will allow developers to create scalable, chain-agnostic code using general-purpose programming languages.

Reference: https://twitter.com/Louissongyz/status/1661776669680730112

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