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Official news, Masa’s .Base domain was launched on the Base mainnet on August 9th. With the release of the Base mainnet, Masa took swift action and became one of the first projects to launch .base domains on the new blockchain.

On the Base testnet, Masa’s .base domain service is the top-ranked “Base series” domain service, with over 280,000 mints accumulated from over 230,000 unique wallets.

Over the past 2 months, Masa has collaborated with the Base team to mint over 50,000 Soulbound Tokens (SBT) for the Base community, including Dackies, CloudBase, Innovaz, Vaissel, and others.

Now, .Base domains will be launched on the Base mainnet. Here is everything you need to know.

Whitelist and .Base Domain Launch Schedule

All users who create .base domains on the Base testnet will be automatically whitelisted on the mainnet and will have a 2-hour early access window to create rare .base domains before they are open to the public.

Any .base domains created on the testnet will not be transferred to the mainnet. Everyone on the whitelist will have the opportunity to quickly mint their rare and personalized .base domains!

August 9th: .Base domain launch

  • Whitelist opening time: 1:00 PM UTC // 9:00 AM Eastern Time // 6:00 AM Pacific Time

  • Public minting starts: 3:00 PM UTC // 11:00 AM Eastern Time // 8:00 AM Pacific Time

The whitelist registration window will close on August 8th at 3:00 PM UTC // 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

.Base Domain Rarity and Utility

The rarity of .base domains depends on their uniqueness, desirability, and limited supply. Generally, the fewer characters, the rarer the .base name.

Simple characters, single emoticons, and clever .base names will be the most rare and popular. Use a memorable signature .base name to make waves in your web3 identity.

Examples of rare .base names:

  • Single emoticons: .base and .base

  • Single characters: A.base, Z.base & 2.base

  • Combination of emoticons and characters: AZ.base, 22.base, and .base

  • Names: vitalik.base, ETH.base, and example.base

  • Brands: fame.base, cola.base, and .base

.Base Domain Pricing

To help maintain the rarity of .base domains, Masa has created a simple pricing structure while ensuring accessibility for all web3 users. All pricing below is for a one-year registration period. You can also directly register multi-year ownership on the minting website.

Base Domain Pricing

  • 1 character .base: $100

  • 2 characters .base: $50

  • 3 characters .base: $15

  • 4 characters .base: $5

  • .base with more than 5 characters: $1

All .base domains can be purchased using BaseETH. Instructions on how to use the bridge and acquire BaseETH can be found in the minting instructions below.

How to Mint Your .Base Domain

Step 1: Acquire BaseETH

  • Go to

  • Connect your wallet

  • Select “Bridge Assets”

  • Confirm the amount of Eth and the deposit, don’t forget to confirm the transaction in your wallet

  • It may take up to 5 minutes for the funds to bridge to Base. Make sure the transaction is confirmed in your wallet before proceeding.

Step 2: Visit the Basecamp dApp supported by Masa at

Step 3: Connect your wallet, and the system will prompt you to switch to the Base Blockchain network

Step 4: Register your .base domain

  • Select the registration period

  • Process the transaction

Step 5: Share your newly created .base domain on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Step 6: Mint more rare .base domains. Create multiple .base domains.

Step 7: Subscribe to our newsletter and join our community to enjoy the benefits and rewards for .base domain holders.

Base Domains on OpenSea

Your .base domains will automatically be tradeable on OpenSea. You can view the OpenSea profile here:

Base domains are tradable and have multiple characteristics due to their rarity.

In Conclusion

We are very excited about the launch of .base domains. Masa will continue to integrate our .base domains into various services and partnerships, and provide rewards and benefits for .base holders.

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