LianGuairadigm’s return to Web3’s first major move recruiting talents to work together for the great cause

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On July 25th, well-known cryptocurrency investment institution LianGuairadigm published a post on its official website titled “Collaborate with LianGuairadigm,” explaining how it helps Uniswap and Flashbots grow and calling on more entrepreneurs to join. LianGuairadigm is also capable of incubating 3 to 5 in-depth collaborative projects, and in addition to investment and research, they promise to provide support in talent, legal/policy, design, marketing, and data.

Finally, LianGuairadigm listed ten key areas of focus, including shared sorters, on-chain games, and native encrypted social applications.

The following is the full text:

LianGuairadigm is a group of builders providing support to other builders.

Some of our most effective collaborations involve deep cooperation with entrepreneurial teams to solve important business and research problems. Sometimes it is the entrepreneurs who propose ideas, and sometimes it is us. Either way, we enjoy the process of exchanging ideas and putting projects into practice.

Here are a few examples:

When Hayden Adams introduced Uniswap to LianGuairadigm in 2019, Uniswap had just launched. We had the privilege of leading the seed round financing for Uniswap, and since then, Dan Robinson has devoted most of his intellectual efforts to thinking about Uniswap, including contributions to Uniswap v2, v3, v4, and UniswapX.

Flashbots initially started as a group chat initiated by Tina Zhen and Phil Daian, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts at LianGuairadigm like Charlie Noyes, Georgios Konstantopoulos, and samczsun, who were very interested in MEV. This group chat later evolved into a company, and LianGuairadigm is pleased to have helped the Flashbots team establish and fund their plans. It has been a wonderful journey through the dark forest.

Conduit was developed in collaboration with LianGuairadigm’s resident entrepreneur Andrew Huang and Georgios Konstantopoulos. Georgios and other members of the LianGuairadigm team have been thinking about supporting infrastructure for a multi-chain world centered around convolution. At the same time, Andrew has been thinking about how to apply his experience in Web2 infrastructure to cryptocurrency. Conduit was born after Andrew worked at LianGuairadigm for a few months.

The cryptocurrency field is full of talented individuals, and we hope to collaborate with more people.

Currently, we have the capability to undertake 3 to 5 new in-depth collaborative projects.

You will work closely with LianGuairadigm’s investment and research teams, and our talent, legal/policy, design, marketing, and data teams will also provide support to you.

You can be an entrepreneur in residence, starting from the early ideation stage, or an entrepreneur in the seed or Series A stage.

You can bring your own ideas or collaborate with us to develop new ideas.

Several areas we have been exploring:

  • Intent-centric protocols and infrastructure

Note: “Intent-centric” refers to a design approach centered around user intent, where user needs and goals are the core of the design to provide a better user experience. It is commonly used in user interface design and human-computer interaction.

  • Adding hooks on top of Uniswap v4, with a focus on LP profitability and hooks for loss and balance

  • Infrastructure for a multi-chain world centered around Rollups

  • Shared sorter

  • On-chain games (games we enjoy playing)

  • Cryptonative social applications

  • Prediction markets (creating markets with real liquidity)

  • Stablecoin payments/FinTech (as stablecoins mature and traditional banking becomes more cumbersome)

  • On-chain treasury (a natural step after stablecoins and before other real-world assets)

  • ZKP applications (ZKP capabilities are ahead of scientific research, and scientific research is ahead of applications)

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