Overseas Web3 Employment Report Remote Work in High Demand, US as the Main Job Market

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On the first Friday of each month, the U.S. Department of Labor releases the employment report for the previous month, focusing on wage data from various sources reported by companies. However, Web3 currently lacks in-depth analysis of the employment market within the industry. This report will focus on the latest employment market trends in the United States and then examine what is happening in Web3 in detail.

Highlights of the U.S. Employment Market

Over the past 12 months, there has been constant speculation about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and whether it would affect inflation, employment, and other economic indicators. After several quarters of rate hikes, the market has been waiting to see if the rate hikes have achieved the expected effect of slowing economic growth. Overall, the report for August was positive.

A soft landing means avoiding a recession in general, or a period of economic activity slowdown after a period of rapid growth. The report shows:

  • Modest wage growth

  • Added 187,000 jobs

  • More and more people are entering the labor market, which helps balance the supply and demand of job vacancies

  • Unemployment rate remains low at 3.8%

Web3 Employment Market

Although the Web3 industry is part of the above statistical data, Web3 is relatively unique and worth further analysis. The following analyzes the types of positions offered by Web3 companies, job locations, salaries, and the types of companies hiring.


The report collected hundreds of job vacancies from multiple job search websites to determine the most urgently needed skill combinations. The details are as follows:

Software Engineers (160 positions available)

  • Required professional skills: Solidity and Rust

  • Cross-platform development: Companies are looking for software engineers who can build applications that seamlessly link multiple decentralized platforms, enabling interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem.

  • Scalability and performance optimization: Web3 projects prioritize scalability and performance enhancement, resulting in a demand for software engineers with experience in optimizing decentralized systems to handle the growing user activity.

Product Managers (78 positions available)

  • DeFi and dApp innovation: Focus on advancing decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, dApps, and other Web3 applications to improve user experience and drive industry innovation.

  • Interdisciplinary: Product managers in Web3 typically require a diverse range of skills, including blockchain technology knowledge, user-centered design, market analysis, and understanding of regulatory factors to navigate the ever-evolving decentralized environment.

  • Strategic partnerships and integrations: Hiring business development managers to work in collaboration with product managers can indicate a focus on establishing strategic partnerships and integration opportunities with other Web3 projects to expand the product’s reach and utility.

Business Development (61 positions posted)

  • Driving Adoption and Growth: The demand for Business Development Managers highlights the industry’s emphasis on exploring new markets, building industry relationships, and identifying growth opportunities to drive the adoption and expansion of Web3 platforms and protocols.

  • Familiarity with Regulatory Environment: Business Development Managers in Web3 may be responsible for staying abreast of the latest developments in regulations and formulating partnership relationships and business strategies that comply with the ever-changing legal and compliance requirements of decentralized technologies.

  • Building Ecosystem Collaborations: The large number of job postings indicates a growing focus on facilitating collaboration between different Web3 projects, interoperability solutions, and cross-chain initiatives to create a more interconnected and cohesive decentralized ecosystem.

Work Locations

Based on the analyzed job postings, at least 93% of the positions offer remote work to some extent. So far, fully remote work is the most popular choice for companies.

While many tech and financial service companies are striving to bring employees back to the office, a reverse trend is observed in Web3. Companies choose to recruit globally to attract the best talents with competitive salaries.

Based on publicly available data, the United States is the dominant employment market following remote work. Despite the current uncertainty in cryptocurrency regulations, the importance of the United States in the industry can still be seen. The United Kingdom and Canada follow closely in terms of recruitment volume.


Compensation varies depending on the job requirements. The average annual salary for blockchain developers is slightly higher at $136,000, while Solidity developers have an average annual salary of $125,000.

What Types of Companies Make Up the Web3 Industry?

Early-stage companies dominate the recruitment market, with seed/angel companies advertising the most vacancies for their positions. Although venture capital has declined by mid-2023, companies in the early stages still have a significant number of vacancies.

Considering the trend of freelance “contributors” rather than formal employees and contractors, the formal vacancies in DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) may be underestimated.


This data is sourced solely from multiple cryptocurrency job boards and may not represent the complete landscape of employment opportunities in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin fields. There may be potential geographical biases as these websites may be more popular in certain countries/regions.

This data does not reflect positions after July 2023 or outside of the listed websites. Compensation is only listed in publicly available cases and should not be considered as factual sources. Keyword restrictions, subjectivity in job classification, and external factors such as economic changes or regulations also impose limitations on the data.

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