Changtui Before the next bull market arrives, which projects are worth positioning in advance?

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The next bull market is coming.

This article will introduce 14 projects to help you capture potential million-dollar opportunities.


With the upcoming Bitcoin halving, we are approaching the next bull market, which is no different from previous ones.

Now is a good time to buy, and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.


Another important factor is the TVL of DeFi, which has remained at the same level despite all the black swan events we have witnessed.

Even in a bear market, the crypto economy can function normally, and we can imagine the growth momentum when institutional investors join us.

Now, let’s explore the best projects.



Mantle is a revolutionary L2 supported by @BitDAO_Official. It will change the way we interact with rollup products:

Decentralized sequencer

$BIT as the gas token

$200 million ecosystem development fund


Mantle recently launched its mainnet, which is accessible to everyone. The ecosystem is growing every day.

Many builders are migrating to Mantle to create dominant L2s, which is why MNT is the project I am most optimistic about in the upcoming bull market.



Eigenlayer provides you with a unique opportunity to reallocate ETH across multiple protocols and validate multiple blockchains to enhance decentralization and security.


Currently, we don’t have any information about the token.

Several large projects, including @0xMantle, are building on top of it, and the pool is filled with a long waiting line, which makes me very optimistic about EigenLayer’s future.

Many large projects (including @0xMantle) are building on top of Eigenlayer, and these projects have ample funding pools with many people waiting in line. This makes me very optimistic about EigenLayer’s future.



Lybra allows you to earn considerable APY on your stablecoins using $ETH LSD from @LidoFinance and provides some $LBR as incentives.


Despite the poor performance of the token price, the project’s TVL is constantly growing with more users and funds flowing in.

If you have spare $ETH, you can use it to earn free $LBR incentive rewards.



Next, we are going to introduce Pendle, a yield trading protocol that can make your life better.

Want to lock in the APY for the next 5 years? No problem.

Looking for more returns? That’s possible too.


With more and more institutional and retail investors joining the ecosystem, TVL is going crazy for Pendle.

Pendle even launched on Binance Launchpad to attract more customers, and I expect the TVL to easily reach 1 billion US dollars, or even higher.



The next one on my list is the ultimate crypto tool – Frax Finance.

Frax offers a variety of revolutionary instruments such as:



$frxETH and many other exciting tools.


Frax is in a favorable position and has established a strong partnership with @CurveFinance, which is my next choice.

Compared to other LSD platforms, Frax offers better APR because it has a unique dual token system, and it is also ready to launch FraxChain – a layer 2 rollup.



The next one is Curve.

Curve Finance is a leading liquidity platform in the entire DeFi world, providing liquidity on 12 chains with a TVL of 3.5 billion US dollars.

It is known for its innovative multi-asset pools and custom pool creation models.


In addition, Curve is also one of the leading decentralized exchanges in the market, with a large and constantly growing trading volume.

One more exciting thing about Curve is the launch of $crvUSD – a new stablecoin with a soft liquidation model.



The next one is Optimism.

Optimism is a leading L2 that provides infrastructure for the entire crypto market, including newly launched crypto projects like @BuildOnBase and Binance’s opBNB.

Optimism’s TVL is growing steadily and has many supporters behind it, such as leading projects like @VelodromeFi and @synthetix_io.

With more and more partners joining the ranks, it is expected to perform well in the next bull market.

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