Can the “Wave Trader” continue its winning streak with monthly profits of one million dollars?

In the recent roller coaster market, this whale address has almost accurately predicted every wave high and low point.

By: Babywhale, Foresight News

This article’s data content is cited from on-chain data analyst EmberCN (@EmberCN).

Previously, I shared a mysterious address tracked by on-chain analyst EmberCN who repeatedly bought high and sold low. Although the address controller was generous each time and bought tens of thousands, even millions of dollars, they almost always bought at short-term highs, resulting in consecutive losses and forced exits.

Although the address finally achieved its first profit in the short-term trading of ARB tokens after the article was published, judging from the subsequent price, if the address had waited a few more hours to make a move, it might still have suffered losses.

After introducing a “leek” who chased up and down, today let’s take a look at an Ethereum “wave band master” (address 0xb15485a37a1e6759f0dff1bdccfc27c2c96c8b2e) with a single transaction amount averaging tens of millions of dollars and already achieving three consecutive wins.

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At around 1:00 AM Beijing time on May 9th, the address withdrew more than 21,000 Ethereum from Aave V2 and transferred it to Binance, when Ethereum was priced at around $1860. After this whale transferred the Ethereum, it caused a 2% drop in the Ethereum price. According to on-chain data, the address also transferred nearly 2.7 million ARB to Binance after that and traded 89 Ethereum for USDT through 1inch.

At around 9:00 AM that day, the whale withdrew about 16 million USDT from Binance and deposited it into Aave.

At around 3:00 PM on May 12th, the whale withdrew USDT from Aave and transferred it to Binance, and about half an hour later, withdrew about 9,000 Ethereum from Binance. Then, on the evening of the 14th, the whale transferred about 8,500 Ethereum out. The prices of Ethereum at the two withdrawals were about $1760 and $1795, respectively.

On May 23 at around 10:30, the whale returned 17,500 Ethereum to Binance, with Ethereum prices around $1,840.

Only two days later, the whale transferred about 8,900 Ethereum out of Binance and transferred around 8,500 Ethereum and 5,700 Ethereum on the 26th and 28th, respectively. Ethereum prices were $1,780, $1,810, and $1,820 during the three transfers, respectively.

On May 29 at around 10:18, the whale transferred 23,080 Ethereum to Binance. The timing of this transfer was perfect, with Ethereum prices around $1,910, still near the high point of the past two months.

On June 1, the address transferred about 15.9 million USDT out of Binance and transferred back to Binance in the early morning of the 5th, and about 30 minutes later, the whale transferred about 8,800 Ethereum out of Binance. At that time, the price of Ethereum was around $1,815.

On the early morning of June 7, the whale transferred 8,800 Ethereum to Binance, with Ethereum prices around $1,890, almost at the highest rebound price. Half an hour later, the whale transferred about 15.98 million USDT out of Binance.

Just this morning, this “band high hand” once again moved and transferred about 15.99 million USDT to Binance and transferred about 8,400 Ethereum out. The Ethereum price at the time of transfer was about $1,835.

Given that the buying and selling operations of this address are almost conducted in exchanges, the trading volume is large, and the corresponding relationship between the transfer in and transfer out is not always clear, it is difficult for us to accurately calculate the actual profits of the whale. For example, on June 1, the whale transferred 15.9 million USDT to buy 8,800 Ethereum, and then sold Ethereum and transferred out 15.98 million USDT. We can say that due to the large trading volume and the need to buy or sell in batches, the actual profit is only about $80,000, but the whale may not have transferred all the profits.

If we roughly calculate the profit of the whale in the past month based on the price of stablecoins transferred into exchanges and the price of Ethereum transferred out of exchanges, it should exceed one million US dollars.

Unlike the previous consecutive losses, the whale has almost accurately predicted short-term bottoms and tops recently. However, the previous contrarian indicator also became profitable after 9 consecutive losses. Will the whale continue its winning streak or stumble this time? Let’s keep an eye on it.

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