Leading the way in analyzing the zkSync Era scaling solution for zero-knowledge proofs

Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling mechanism is a current hot topic in the blockchain industry and a battleground for many. Cryptography researcher dt wrote a comprehensive analysis of zkSync, covering everything from the public chain itself to ecosystem projects, including fundamental analysis, data analysis, and ecosystem analysis.

zkSync Era Data Overview: Based on on-chain TVL data, zkSync Era’s total TVL has reached $459 million in just 2 months since its launch. It has maintained stable TVL growth since its launch and currently ranks third in Layer2 Rank, only behind Arbitrum One & Optimism, which use Optimistic Rollup. The official bridge data of zkSync Era also shows a continuous upward trend in its ecosystem, with a cumulative deposit address of 800K and an average of about 10K new deposit addresses per day from June to present. On the other hand, the daily transaction volume of zkSync Era has dropped from nearly 100K transactions at the beginning of its launch to a daily low of only 1300 transactions in early May and is currently stable at around 20K transactions per day. This may be due to the fact that there is currently no killer DAPP on zkSync Era, and the surge in transaction volume was only caused by novelty in the initial launch.

zkSync Era Ecosystem Projects: 1) Old projects: zkSync Era received commitments from many projects to deploy before it was launched, including Balancer, Uniswap, Frax, OHM, LayerZero, and other well-known protocols on the mainnet, but only a few have been deployed so far. Currently, the largest old protocols that have been officially launched are 1inch and iZUMi Finance; 2) From TVL perspective: Defillama statistics show that the development on-chain is still in its early stages. The top five locked-in amounts are all DEX decentralized exchanges, and the top ten have eight DEX projects, with the remaining two being lending projects. More complex fields such as derivatives, GameFi, and NFTs still do not have strong competitors.

Currently, from the perspective of data and ecosystem, zkSync Era’s overall public chain is in a stable upward phase. From the number of protocols, DEX is the most mature in the zkSync ecosystem. Whether it is traditional Uni v2 fork, ve (3,3) solidly fork, or centralized liquidity DEX, they have achieved good results. However, there is currently no innovative application that can attract users in the lending, derivatives, NFT, or GameFi fields. At the same time, it should be noted that while the ecosystem is flourishing, various rug pull events are also emerging, and there have been cases where user funds were locked due to code compatibility issues caused by the project party.

Reference: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/joZldqR2dGbZ8vjIDtO_ww

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