LianGuaiWeb3.0 Daily | Appellate judge rejects SBF’s request for immediate release.

DeFi Data

1. Total Market Cap of DeFi Tokens: $42.709 billion

DeFi Total Market Cap and Top 10 Tokens Data Source: coingecko

2. Trading Volume of Decentralized Exchanges in the Past 24 Hours: $3.3877 billion

Trading Volume of Decentralized Exchanges in the Past 24 Hours Data Source: coingecko

3. Locked Assets in DeFi: $37.826 billion

Data Source: defillama

NFT Data

1. Total Market Cap of NFTs: $14.230 billion

Total Market Cap of NFTs and Top 10 Projects Data Source: Coinmarketcap

2. 24-hour NFT Trading Volume: $899 million

24-hour NFT Trading Volume and Top 10 Projects Data Source: Coinmarketcap

3. Top NFTs in the Past 24 Hours

Top 10 NFTs Sold in the Past 24 Hours Data Source: NFTGO


Appeals Court Rejects SBF’s Request for Immediate Release

According to LianGuai, in the documents filed with the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals on September 6, Court Clerk Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe stated that the circuit judge rejected the motion by SBF’s legal team to immediately release him from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The lawyer for the former CEO of FTX has requested temporary release from the court, claiming that the measures currently in place to allow SBF to prepare his defense in the trial are insufficient, partially due to limited internet access.
SBF’s lawyer’s motion will now be submitted to a panel of three judges, less than four weeks before SBF’s criminal trial begins.

NFT/Digital Collectibles Highlights

1. Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace HypersLianGuaice Now Live on Avalanche

On September 7, it was announced that the multi-chain NFT marketplace and launchpad HypersLianGuaice has gone live on Avalanche. HypersLianGuaice plans to bring innovative features and enhanced UI/UX to NFT owners and collectors on Avalanche, including real-time trading experience, collection bidding, wallet analytics, activity monitoring, and cross-chain swaps. Additionally, HypersLianGuaice will launch the Dokyo series NFT on Avalanche through its LaunchLianGuaid product.

    2. Ducati launches exclusive limited edition NFT series “Ducati Legacy” on XRP Ledger

    LianGuai reported that Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati announced on its official social media the launch of an exclusive limited edition NFT digital collection called “Ducati Legacy”. This series will be released on the XRP Ledger with a total of 5,000 pieces available for sale at $100 each. It aims to pay tribute to the rich performance and outstanding design history that defines the Ducati brand. The NFT is expected to be released in September, but the specific date has not been disclosed.

    3. Reddit releases NFT avatar series to commemorate the start of the NFL season

    LianGuai reported that as the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the NFL season this week, North American social forum Reddit has launched a series of NFT-supported avatars to commemorate the 32 teams of the NFL league. The company stated that this wave of digital assets represents one of the largest “collectible avatar” collections released by Reddit to date. Each “Snoo” NFT is priced at $25 (reflecting the company’s iconic alien mascot), with a limit of 500 NFT avatars for each NFL team.

      DeFi Hot Topics

      1. Swell integrates LayerZero to support cross-chain swETH

      On September 7th, the Ethereum staking protocol Swell Network announced the integration of the cross-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero. This integration will support cross-chain swETH, transforming it into a fully chain-compatible token (OFT). Users can now trade swETH and provide liquidity on Arbitrum, and support for other Layer 2 protocols will be added gradually.

        2. Casa introduces Ethereum Treasury Relay Service to enhance user privacy

        LianGuai reported that self-custody platform Casa has launched a transaction relay feature to provide more privacy for Ethereum users conducting transactions in their personal treasury. The custody service was launched in June 2023, allowing users to self-custody their ETH assets using up to five private keys to protect their assets. Casa previously facilitated interactions between ETH treasuries and the Ethereum blockchain through its internal CasaRelay. This bridge allowed users to perform specific operations, including deploying contracts and sending transactions, while covering the gas costs. Casa’s solution involves using an ETH payment wallet, which is a new alternative to single-signature wallets that can be used as a relay for transactions from the treasury.

          3. Data: Starknet bridge TVL surpasses 400,000 ETH

          LianGuai reported that according to Dune data, the total value locked (TVL) in the Starknet bridge has exceeded 400,000 ETH, reaching 402,789 ETH, with a total of 865,812 on-chain bridge users. In addition, the current on-chain bridge TVL for Arbitrum is 2,846,354 ETH, Optimism is 594,977 ETH, zkSync is 1,546,341 ETH, and Base is 163,415 ETH.

            4. Cybeats announces renewal of software license agreement with Bullish

            LianGuai reports that Cybeats Technologies Corp. has announced the renewal of a software license agreement with Bullish, a provider of financial services and digital asset solutions, and operator of the regulated cryptocurrency trading platform Bullish Exchange.

              5. Ethereum Foundation announces the 18 projects selected for the ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Fund

              On September 7th, the Ethereum Foundation’s ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Fund successfully concluded and will support 18 teams in building diverse projects around ERC-4337, including:
              1. ZeroDev Kernel: A smart contract account designed from scratch for account abstraction wallets, efficient and modular;
              2. Etherspot’s Skandha Bundler: A P2P interface account abstraction bundler implementation developed by the Etherspot team;
              3. MynaWallet: A contract account integrated with identity cards issued by the Japanese government, allowing users to make token payments, transfers, or receive NFTs, as well as perform any transactions supported by their accounts;
              4. Blocto: RPC methods supporting account abstraction in web3.js;
              5. Silius: A modular and efficient Rust account abstraction bundler implementation;
              6. QR-Seal: A Schnorr multisignature wallet fully compatible with ERC-4337;
              7. Ambire: A self-hosted wallet with email/password authentication;
              8. IoTeX: A zero-knowledge proof-based account abstraction wallet;
              9. SixdegreeLab: Account abstraction data analysis dashboard;
              10. Jam: A DeFi transaction batch processor developed by Picnic;
              11. TokenSight: Account abstraction multi-factor authentication using WebAuthn;
              12. ZK-Team: Allows organizations to manage team members while maintaining their personal privacy;
              13. Rhinestone: Modular account abstraction;
              14. AAA: Community activities to enhance awareness of account abstraction;
              15. UnLianGuaicking 4337: A series of articles on account abstraction technology;
              16. Hexlink: Links ENS with ERC-4337 accounts using EIP-4972, providing instant account abstraction compatibility for all ENS users;
              17. UniLianGuaiss: Combining ERC-4337, provides one-click OAuth login and account creation for new users through the OpenID Connect protocol;
              18. Clave: Enhances support for account abstraction with the secp256r1 curve.

                Game Highlights

                1. Mabrex redefines game token economics

                LianGuai reports that Mabrex, a subsidiary of Netmarble blockchain, has redefined game token economics and launched its first game “Stella Fantasy” on the 7th, incorporating the new token economics. In the new Game Talknomics, the game issued gMBXL, which is matched 1:1 with MBXL.

                2. Korean listed company Neowiz to develop games on the Avalanche network

                LianGuai reports that Neowiz, a listed game publisher in Korea, announced on Thursday that it plans to develop games on the Avalanche blockchain through its Web3 branch, IntellaX. Neowiz is one of the top five game companies in Korea in terms of market value.

                  Disclaimer: LianGuai, as a blockchain information platform, publishes articles for informational purposes only and should not be considered as actual investment advice. Please establish the correct investment concept and be sure to increase risk awareness.

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