Evening Must-Read | AI+Web3 is Likely to be the Hotspot in the Next Bull Market

1. Uniswap Official Interpretation: What is UniswapX and how does it work?

Since the first version of the Uniswap protocol was launched in 2018, on-chain transactions have experienced explosive growth. Uniswap alone supports millions of users, hundreds of use cases, and $1.5 trillion in trading volume. In order to develop on-chain transactions and improve self-custodial exchanges, Uniswap is pleased to announce the launch of a new permissionless, open-source (GPL), Dutch auction-based protocol for trading across AMMs and other sources of liquidity. On July 17, 2023, we launched the optional test version of the UniswapX protocol on the Uniswap Labs interface, applicable to the Ethereum mainnet, and will expand to other chains and Uniswap wallets in the future. Click to read more.

2. In-depth Analysis of Boojum Upgrade: Why zkSync Era Chooses STARK Proof System

As stated in our ZK Credo manifesto, zkSync’s mission is to promote personal freedom for everyone by establishing a trustless, secure, permissionless, cost-effective, user-friendly, flexible, and infinitely scalable blockchain network. To achieve this mission, the Alpha version of zkSync Era was launched over three months ago. Click to read more.

3. Combination of DEPIN and ARWEAVE: Creating a Physical World Avatar

Coinbase listed Helium token HNT on schedule on July 12, marking Helium’s market recognition after transitioning to Solana. This is Helium’s second market recognition as a leading DePIN project, as it successfully maintained its position despite price drops and miner accusations. Click to read more.

4. In-depth Analysis of Pendle: “Yield Flywheel” in the LSDFi Track

Pendle is a yield tokenization protocol built on multiple chains, allowing users to purchase underlying assets at a discount by separating interest-bearing tokens from principal. At the same time, for yield traders, they can express their bullish or bearish views on the yield of interest-bearing assets through trading yield tokens (YT). The detailed mechanism will be explained in the following text. Click to read more.

5. AI+Web3 is Likely to be One of the Hotspots in the Next Bull Market. What are the Specific Trends and Opportunities?

AI, currently the hottest topic, is considered the key and core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Another hot concept in the tech industry is Web3, which is seen as the key core of the next generation internet. AI and Web3 are two major concepts that will trigger a technological revolution. If they can combine and cooperate strongly, what kind of “surprises” will they bring us? Click to read more.

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