Evening Must-Read | An Inventory of 8 Old Projects in LSD’s Transformation

1. Visa releases experimental solution: Paying on-chain gas fees with Visa cards

In recent years, blockchain technology has been widely adopted. Although it has the potential to shape the future of financial flows, blockchain transactions also bring a higher level of complexity that traditional payment methods do not have. Blockchain transactions use decentralized networks, where multiple participants verify and record each transaction. Blockchain transactions involve self-custody wallets, private keys, and gas fees – all of which are not applicable to traditional payment methods. To make transactions using a blockchain like Ethereum, consumers must maintain a certain balance of native blockchain tokens (such as ETH) to pay for the fees associated with using the network, known as “gas fees.” Read more

2. Golden Observation | Investment Map as a Trading Guide: DWF Labs Sparks Manipulation Controversy Again

In the past few days, the YGG, DODO, and C98 tokens have experienced similar volatile price movements in the market after DWF Labs-related fund actions were revealed. This has further confirmed the speculation that DWF Labs has engaged in market-making activities, leading to the creation of investment reference charts for projects related to DWF Labs in order to improve the accuracy of identifying the next rising token. Read more

3. SLianGuairkDAO SPK Pre-mining Airdrops and SubDAO Farming Overview

This article will provide an overview of the potential SLianGuairkDAO SPK pre-mining airdrops for borrowers of the SLianGuairk protocol, as well as the general token economics of SubDAO farming, which will be launched in Phase 2. Read more

4. PayLianGuail Enters the Stablecoin Market, Will It Challenge Coinbase Next?

With the introduction of stablecoins, will LianGuaiyLianGuail begin to challenge Coinbase? The company’s entry into the stablecoin market could indeed pose challenges for Coinbase. Read more

5. A Review of 8 “Old Projects” in the LSD Transformation

After the upgrade of Ethereum Shanghai, LSDfi and ETH derivatives have undoubtedly become hot topics and narratives, as well as the track sought after by investors. Unlike RWA, ETH staking solves the income problem of crypto users in a more native way, becoming an important part of the future narrative of DeFi. Read more

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